10 Best Items to Buy at Yard Sales/Thrift Stores for Selling Online

10 Best Items to Buy at Yard Sales/Thrift Stores for Selling Online

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Oh my goodness friends, do I have some stuff to talk to you about!  I am in a selling mood! After taking a little bit of a break, I am 100% full on ready to start flipping my thrift store finds.  

How about you? Have you been thrift flipping lately? If you have, please share your flips with us! It is so motivational to see other flippers in action!

If you are wanting to get started on flipping I have some great starting points to get you to profits quickly!

Here are the 10 best items to buy at yard sales and thrift stores for selling online:

thrift store furniture re-sale at higher price tips
Some paint and hardware = high priced masterpiece!

  • Wood furniture.  This one is hot folks.  This is also one that you only want to do if you are planning to sell locally because it makes no sense to have to pay shipping charges on large items such as furniture.  There are different levels to the wood furniture flip though so you should be aware of these levels:


    • As is.  You can buy and flip a piece of furniture as is, but if it doesn’t look amazing you may not be able to make as much (although, likely more than you paid)


    • Refurbish.  Take your time to refurbish this furniture and see your profits soar.  I know several people who will buy little dressers or tables. They sand them down, throw some new paint or stain on them. They’re make double or triple what they paid.

older levis are a hot seller right now

  • Name brand jeans.  Name brand jeans can get really, really expensive. If you are able to find a pair at a thrift store or yard sale for just a couple of bucks, score! Toss those up on Poshmark or Facebook marketplace to sell for more.

Vintage Tshirts for sale at high profits
This Harley Davidson T spotted on Etsy selling for $280!
  • Retro shirts.  You can almost always find a retro shirt or two when thrifting or yard saling, but did you know that people pay big money for these?  They do!

vintage and collectible mugs for sale on etsy ebay and facebook marketplace
These cutie pie Muppet Mugs spotted selling on Etsy for $300
  • Coffee mugs.  Keep an eye out for old logo-d mugs in great shape.  You can often buy them for less than a buck, but sell them for ten times that or more on the FB marketplace or Ebay.  

selling pyrex on instagram etsy and ebay
Don’t Forget Instagram, I spied these by searching pyrexforsale and fell in love!

  • Pyrex glassware.  I don’t know what it is, but people love to buy Pyrex glassware.  I personally don’t like to ship out glass items. I keep my selling of this stuff to strictly FB marketplace and it does well.
collectibe books and magaines are great for re-sale
Spotted for sale on Amazon !

  • Books and Magazines.  Books and magazines are a great item to resell and there are countless avenues to do so (Ebay, Amazon, etc).  Don’t just grab any and all books though. Make sure you take your smartphone along so you can look up the sales value and see how popular the book is.

  • Anything brand new (almost).  People love getting a screaming deal on brand new items.  When you are able to get a great deal on brand new goods, you might want to buy them to try and resell.

  • Sporting goods.  There are many parents out there trying to figure out how to afford their kids’ sporting equipment and they often look toward used. There is really great market out there for used sporting goods.

  • Vinyl records.  The amount of collectors out there is astounding.  If you find vinyl records, especially by popular artists or pop culture icons, grab them and take them home and list them. Check out Etsy for selling these too!

  • Video games.  This one is tricky so pay attention.  Buy the oldest systems and games or the newest systems and games.  Not the ones in between. An old Atari or original NES are going to sell well for nostalgic gamers and people are really into Xbox one and PS4 right now. You aren’t likely to find anyone looking to pay top dollar for a Wii or a PS3 for example (right now). Watch the trends.

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