10 Uses For All That Free Mouthwash

free mouthwash

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SCORE! You’ve managed to stockpile a bunch of free mouthwash and you’re pretty much set for the foreseeable future. But what are you going to do with all that free mouthwash you’ve scored? Keep reading to find some great ideas to put that free mouthwash to use!

free mouthwash

10 Uses For All That Free Mouthwash

1. Foot cream!
You can create a foot cream that will help you remove dead skin with a little bit of mouthwash and shaving cream. Beware that your feet might feel “cold” because of the mouthwash!  Try a Foot Soak with Mouthwash, soooooooooo soothing!  You may want to use the ‘clear’ for this or your feet might tint bluish greenish from mouthwash for a day but in the dead of winter a warm foot soak with bluish feet is totally worth it!

2. Clean glass screens.
You can clean glass screens (like TVs and computer monitors) with mouthwash too! Just be sure that you don’t use it on anything with an LCD monitor, as it can be damaging to those.

3. Get rid of “sports” smells.
If you’ve got kids with stinky gym bags (or you have one yourself!), a good way to get that smell out is to add a little mouthwash to your wash cycles. It can help to kill the bacteria as well to really get deep into those smells and remove!

4. Clean your toilets.
Out of regular cleaner for your toilet? In a pinch, you can use mouthwash to clean your toilets. Simply let it sit for half an hour and you’ll have a sparkling toilet in no time!

5. Rinse your toothbrush!
Of course, this seems obvious, but most people don’t think to sanitize your toothbrush with some mouth wash! It’s a great way to make those toothbrushes last a little longer and use up some of that free mouthwash.

6. Freshen your trash can up!
This is a little-known trick to keep those trash cans smelling fresh. If you don’t want to shell out some extra cash for scented bags, just place a cotton ball with some mouthwash in your trash can. This will help to eliminate odors and keep it smelling fresh.

7. Keep mosquitoes away.
If you fill a spray bottle with mouthwash, you can use it as a mosquito deterrent. This is especially helpful for camping trips or long hikes! It has also been known to keep ants away.

8. Stave off poison ivy discomfort.
Simply rub some of that free mouthwash you have stocked up on the affected area to relieve redness, swelling, and itching!

9. Piercing aftercare.
Mouthwash can be a great solution for aftercare for a new piercing. It comes in especially handy for piercings in and around the mouth (of course), but make sure to get the gold kind. It doesn’t have the same stinging effect that the others do, so it won’t cause any pain to healing areas.

10. Dandruff remover!
If you struggle with dandruff but don’t want to pay the top-dollar prices for dandruff specialty shampoo, consider mixing 50/50 water and mouthwash to help treat your dandruff!

What other creative or fun ways can you think of to use all that free mouthwash? Share in the comments below!

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