14 Easy DIY Homemade Costumes for Adults

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Easy Homemade Costumes for Adults

When it comes to costumes for kids, there are tons of options from cute little fairy wings to scary monsters in masks. But what about adults? Sure, we’ve got some great ideas for sexy nurse outfits (or naughty nurses) too — but sometimes all your looking for is something that’s easy enough that anyone could pull off without feeling like they’re trying way too hard.

If you need an adult costume this year (and who doesn’t?), here are 15 simple looks you can make at home using items you probably already have around the house. From adorable princess dresses to a spooky old woman look, these homemade costumes will be sure to get everyone talking on Halloween night!

Easy Homemade Costumes on your to do list this year?  These are great for adults a.k.a. the big kids the in the house!

frugal halloween costume

Are you tired of repeating everyone else’s Halloween Ideas every year? Looking for something fun and easy ? Going to a party or do you just enjoy dressing up with the kids for the candy fetching activities?!  These are super easy and you guessed it, affordable DIY’s for your Holiday this year.

1. Pineapple Costume

If you need a last-minute costume, then this Pineapple Costume is perfect.

easy diy pineapple costume

2. Care Bear Costumes

You can make these no sew Care Bear Costumes for the entire family. O.K., this may be my favorite in this post. Am I allowed to have favorites in my own posts?

diy carebear costume

3. Blues Brothers Costumes

If you already have black suits laying around, turn them into Blues Brother Costumes. Or check out the thrift stores.

blues brothers costume

4. Tube Man Costume

This Tube Man Costume will be the hit of any party you go to. Don’t know that I want to see you driving down the road wearing this though!

tube man costume

5. Raining Men Costume

You can make this Raining Men Costume with an umbrella, rain boots and photos of some of your favorite heartthrobs. Or Change it up a bit and have it raining Cats and Dogs !  Either way, you really can pull this one off for pretty much FREE!

raining cats and dogs

6. Princess Dress

 The hardest part may be finding a floor length gown that fits perfectly. Of course you can make your own (it is a DIY list afterall). However, getting the parts to the gown/outfit from a seconhand store surely counts as well. 

7. Superhero Costume

There are so many superheroes worth dressing up as this season, from Wonder Woman to Black Widow. For a superhero inspired costume idea, try making a DIY Batgirl masks. You’ll also find step-by-step instructions to create other DC Comics characters’ masks easily online.

8. Pirate Look Costume

This pirate costume uses materials that most people already have lying around their homes. All you really need to do is put together two eye patches, sew buttons onto a shirt, and add a hook necklace. Then go forth as Captain Jack Sparrow himself. Or don’t — maybe you’d rather wear scrubs and call yourself “Dr.”

Just remember that nothing makes a costume better than good makeup.

9. Fairytale Look Costume

Want to avoid going overboard when choosing accessories for your costume? Try creating a faux accessory kit using a Disney Cinderella hair clip to mimic her long train, and then picking different pieces for each character. A green apple might work well for Snow White, while a red rose would look lovely on Sweet Belle.

10. Mermaid Tale and Top

A mermaid tail isn’t difficult to make, especially if you use a recycled pair of jeans. Once you’ve sewn them up, all you need is a top, wig, and fake fish scales. For extra flair, take inspiration from Ariel herself and mix up your hairstyle between beach waves and flowing locks.

11. Flapper Girl Dresses

It’s no secret that women were often encouraged to lose weight during World War I, which meant lots of fashion magazines devoted to slim figures. One result of this trend was flapper girl fashions, characterized by short skirts paired with high heels and boyish jackets.

These styles caught the attention of both men and women alike, inspiring several generations of girls to adopt a flapper girl persona later in life.

12. Scary Face Makeup

Whether you choose to go gothic chic or slasher movie style, you’ll still want flawless skin underneath. When selecting your base color, keep in mind that blood tends to stain darker fabrics, so consider wearing lighter colors under black or dark blue fabric.

Darker skinned folks should stick to light colors, since those pigments tend not to show stains quite as much.

13. Vampire Costume

You know vampires drink human blood, but did you know they actually prefer translucent white gauze bandages? So grab some Band-Aid brand adhesive tape and transform yourself into Count Dracula by covering your hands and forearms with strips of white paper.

Rolled sleeves down your arms will complete the look. Don’t forget to add some vampire teeth to accentuate your smile.

14. Cocktail Party Costume

Here’s another fun option to jazz up your next dinner party: Transform yourself into a 1920s cocktail waitress. You can also dress up like your favorite cocktail if you want to get a little adventurous!

What are some of your favorite past costumes?  I think mine was a homemade clown costume I wore back in the very early 80’s , not the scary kind of clown either haha!

Looking for some costume ideas for your baby ?  We’ve got you covered.

How about for the kids costumes this year?

Furbabies?  Got that for you too!

and well, how could I forget the decorations?!

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