25 Ways To Earn Amazon Gift Cards

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Are you an Amazon shop-a-holic like the rest of us? If so, you might be wondering how you can save some bucks here and there on your Amazon shopping sprees! Fortunately, there are lots of different ways to save money on Amazon and earning Amazon gift cards is one of them! There’s lots of different ways to earn Amazon gift cards so in this post we’ll be talking about some of our favorites!

Learn these 25 different ways to earn Amazon gift cards so you can lighten the financial load this year with great deals on Amazon!

1. Swagbucks is one of our favorites around here. It’s an app and website that allows you to watch videos and earn points that can be cashed in for Amazon gift cards. It’s super easy to set and forget if you’re busy, making it one of the easiest ways to earn.

2. Start a blog!
We talk about this on the blog quite a bit, but blogging can have financial rewards if you put the time and effort in. If you have a blog, you can sign up for Amazon Associates earn recommend your favorite products to friends and readers. You’ll earn a small percentage of the sales made through your links (and for 7 days after) that turn into Amazon gift cards!

3. Inbox Dollars
We’ve talked about this one before on the blog so check out how to use it to earn Amazon gift cards here.

4. National Consumer Panel is an easy way to give your opinion to brands and get rewarded for it with Amazon gift cards!

5. Ibotta is one of our most used and talked about apps! Ibotta is super simple to use and match with deals for a great rebate that you can turn into Amazon gift cards as well.

6. Amazon Trade-In is a great program that Amazon offers where you can trade in old items for Amazon gift cards.

7. Cardpool is a great website where you can exchange gift cards. For instance, if you have some old Applebee’s gift cards you don’t ever plan on using? You can exchange them for Amazon gift cards with Cardpool!

8. Coinstar now allows you to turn all that change you’ve been saving into Amazon gift cards so head to your nearest Coinstar and rack some up!

9. MyPoints is another survey site where you can give your opinions to brands in exchange for points that can be redeemed later in the form of gift cards.

10. PrizeRebel is yet another survey site where you can earn Amazon gift cards. If you like doing surveys, you’re in luck!

11. Amazon Mechanical Turk
With “M-turk” as it’s often referred to, you can complete tasks called HITs (human intelligence tasks” to earn Amazon gift cards. You can do as many or as little as you want, but beware, the high-paying tasks go quickly!

12. Valued Opinions
Here you can complete online surveys and mobile app surveys to earn Amazon gift cards.

13. Opinion Outpost
This is another great survey website where you can take surveys online for points!

14. Bing Rewards makes it easy to earn rewards like Amazon gift cards just by using their search engine!

15. Google Screenwise is similar to Bing but it rewards users who use Google Chrome while it gathers data in the background.

16. App Trailers is where you can watch trailers and give your feedback in exchange for points!

17. InstaGC
You can get free gift cards through InstaGC by completing tasks and surveys!

18. Listia
Listia is an app where you can sell things you don’t want anymore to earn things you do want, like gift cards!

19. Gift Hulk is a great way to earn Amazon gift cards with relatively no effort. Earn points by playing games or watching TV.

20. Receipt Hog is one of our old favorites at the blog. Simply upload and scan receipts and reap the rewards!

21. Shopkick
This app often gets forgotten but it is SO easy to use. Just scan while you’re shopping and earn rewards. It is free money, after all!

22. Zoom Bucks is basically Swagbucks but just another platform to earn on!

23. Earning Station is another great option for survey lovers looking to earn Amazon gift cards!

24. ePoll is another great survey option!

25. Punch Card runs in a very similar way that Receipt Hog does. You’ll get rewarded for scanning receipts that you can turn into Amazon gift cards.

Now that you’ve got all these great ways to earn Amazon gift cards – get out there and start earning and shopping! Do you know of other ways to earn Amazon gift cards? Sound off in the comments below!

Learn these 25 different ways to earn Amazon gift cards so you can lighten the financial load this year with great deals on Amazon!

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