5 Budget Friendly Homemade DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

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5 Homemade / DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

Oh These Baby Halloween Costumes !!! I’m having so much fun with Halloween this year! Sometimes we just need to break out of the reality of our lives and live in the SILLY! That’s how I’m feeling lately.  I need a break from real life drama and looking for some fun, smiles, giggles and belly laughs.  Not much more fun than seeing babies in their first year or two of Halloween costumes!  No need to break the bank either friends!


1- This Baby Cow Costume even has udders! It doesn’t get cuter than that!

2- Your baby can be any color chicken you desire, when you make their Chicken Costume.

3- This Max Costume is from one of my very favorite child books, Where The Wild Things Are.

max halloween costume

4- It will be hard not to just eat your baby up when they are wearing a Donut Costume.

5- If you need something quick, this Where’s Waldo Costume takes less than an hour to make.

OH, I do hope you have pictures to share after Halloween!  Drop me a line and maybe we can do a baby photo show off post!

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and we didn’t forget your fubabies!!

What will it be for you this year? Trick ?? or Treat ??

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