5 Easy DIY Homemade Kids Halloween Costumes

5 Easy DIY Homemade Kids Halloween Costumes

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Looking for some inspiration for kids halloween costumes? Look no further, these are just toooooo cute! The Elmo costume brings back vivid memories of the Big Bird Costumes my mom and Aunt Claire made for my sister Alicia and my cousin Cheryl. They were super adorable.

My mom and aunts were all so creative and spent hours together making things, helping one another.  I know kids love the store bought and I get it, it makes a lot of sense.  However, making at least one costume for your child in their younger years will bring a lifetime of memories to you both.

O.K., I am seriously calling out to my Alicia and Cheryl if they find a picture of that costume, please send me a copy so I can add to this post!!

We looked through a bunch of great ideas and narrowed down to some of the more affordable and fairly easy to make costumes for you to either make or gain some inspiration from.  Remember, colors can be changed to suit your son or daughter’s personality !

I’d love to see the Jelly Fish in a whole rainbow of colors!

easy diy halloween costumes for kids

1. Jellyfish Costume

This Jellyfish Costume is a real head turner AND really easy to make.  Check out those sequins!  Bling !!

easy diy halloween costumes for kids

2. Lion Costume

Even if you can’t sew, you can make this easy Lion Costume.  Raise your hand all you non-sewers like me!! I want to cuddle this one to pieces!

easy diy halloween costumes for kids

3. Bandit Costume

The Little Bandit Costume is great for a boy or a girl. Do you have a little bandit who’ll be looking like this with the candy on Halloween?

easy diy halloween costumes for kids

4. Elmo Costume

I see this and I want to bust out a Sesame song!  Your child will look like they belong on Sesame Street with this no sew Elmo Costume.

easy diy halloween costumes for kids

5. Ninja Turtle Costume

You can use footie PJ’s. or a green shirt and pants to turn your child into a Ninja Turtle Costume. Footies are the best, aren’t they?!

easy diy halloween costumes for kids

Do you have favorite childhood Halloween memories.  Funny, I always forget how much fun I had growing up around Halloween time.  When I was a kid, it was so different than now.  We stayed out for hours, I mean hours and hours!

There were some years if you hustled ! Oh, the mischief too.  Then there was the get home, empty out the loot and trade candies!  O.K., i’ll stop.  You get the idea, yup, my favorite holiday!

If you missed it, we’ve done a fun diy Halloween decorations round up of ideas too!

easy diy halloween costumes for kids

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