6 Creative Uses For Your Extra Shampoo

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Hello couponers!  We are back at it for more creative ways to use up all of those awesome freebies that you find yourself able to stock up on with your ninja couponing skills.  We have already talked about creative uses for quite a few different products, but today we will be talking about shampoo!

At one point early in my couponing days, I had over a year and a half worth of shampoo, which was awesome, but I ended up donating a bunch of it because it was taking up so much space.  

At that time I didn’t even consider all of the creative uses I could find for it.  If only I had known about all of these creative uses for free shampoo and I would have kept it!

1. For Your Manicure

No need to spend a fortune on getting a manicure, when you can do it at home.  Soak your hands in warm water with a little bit of shampoo mixed in.  

Your hands will come out soft and your cuticles clean.

2. Hand Soap

Yep, next time you run out of hand soap, refill the bottle with some good ol’ shampoo.  It works better at getting rid of the dirt and it is gentle on your skin

3. Body Wash

Shampoo works great as a body wash.  We don’t often find deals where we get free body wash, so why not use your free shampoo in place of the expensive stuff?

4. Laundry Soap (For Hand Washing)

Next time you go to hand wash your delicates, use your shampoo instead of regular laundry detergent, you will find that it is much more gentle on your clothing.

5. Anti-Fogger

This may be the most creative use for shampoo so far, but did you know that shampoo can keep your mirrors from fogging?  Just put a little bit of shampoo onto a paper towel and rub it onto your mirror, then wipe off any excess shampoo or residue with a clean, dry cloth.  

Your mirror will be fog free afterward!

6. Spot Cleaner

Do you have a spot or a spill on your carpet or on some of your clothes?  For clothing, put a dab of shampoo on it, scrub it with a toothbrush (great use for a free toothbrush), then throw it in the washer.  If the spot is on your carpet, place a dab of shampoo on it, and dab it away with a clean cloth.

What do you do with all of your excess shampoo (other than use it normally, of course)? 

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