6 Tips To Find Motivation During Difficult Times

6 Tips To Find Motivation During Difficult Times

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There are times in our lives where sometimes we just feel unmotivated.  It can be hard to function, go about our day-to-day or put a smile on our face to greet the outside world. 
It’s happened to the best of us, and probably will again at some point in time. 
Motivation is a tricky beast.  Some days, we wake up and the sun is shining and we hop out of bed ready to start our day.  We are motivated, excited and can tackle anything. 
Other days? 
We wake up, hit snooze about 15 times, and drag ourselves out of bed.  Drastically different mornings, right?  If you find that you lack motivation more often than not when starting your days, here are some suggestions to help you find motivation during those difficult times.

How To Find Motivation During Difficult Times

1. Get That Body Working

Yep, you need to keep that blood pumping and that adrenaline working.  It’s time to get your exercise on.  It doesn’t even matter what kind of exercise that you want to do.

Just do something.

Run, hop on one foot, take a walk…anything.  By adding a little exercise into your day, it can help you feel energized and motivated to tackle whatever else comes at you!

2. Scratch Your Old Goals And Make New Ones

If you’ve tried to give yourself goals to stay motivated that are no longer working anymore, then you need to scrap those goals and make up some new ones.  One of the most important aspects of goals that many people fail to understand is that your goals need to be flexible.

Life can change in an instant right?

And that change can cause your current goals to become no longer relevant.  You need to make certain that you give yourself goals that you find, in your current situation, motivating.  If they aren’t, change them.

If you need to change them again in 30 days, then make it happen.  You hold the keys to altering, setting, canceling and updating your goals!

3. Offer Rewards To Yourself

Why can’t you incentivize yourself to be motivated?  It’s the way of the world typically, right?  In a sales job, employees are incentivized with commissions…in the restaurant industry, wait staff is incentivized by tips…so, why are you not giving yourself incentives to be motivated to get through the tough times?

It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate.  Think about what you love, and what brings happiness to you, and then find a way to motivate yourself to make it happen.  If you’ve been wanting a spa day for a while, set a short-term goal for you to reach to make it happen.

Talk about instant motivation, right?

4. Lean On Your Family And Friends

Who says you have to go about finding your motivation alone?  Sometimes, all we need is a shoulder to lean on and some ears to hear us.  Reach out to your family and friends and have them be there for you.

There is nothing wrong with asking them for their help!  Isn’t that what family and friends are for?

5. Fill Your Body With Healthiness

Good foods, lots of water, vitamins, and nutrients are good things to give your body to try to give an extra boost of motivation and energy.  While it may be tempting to eat junk food and sit around, it will only cause your body to crave that negative reaction even more.

It’s important to feed your mind, body, and soul healthy food that you can get positive thoughts and energy from!  Put the cupcake down, and pick up some veggies instead.

6. Turn Off The Electronics And Pick Up A Book

Have you ever sat down to watch TV and suddenly realized that 5 hours have passed and you don’t know where the day has gone?  Instead of turning on your electronics, open the pages of a book.

It helps you to use your imagination and keeps your mind fresh when you read versus just staring at a screen.


Feeling unmotivated can be tough.  It’s a feeling that can creep up on any of us, at any point in time.  Try a few of the suggestions above and see if they help you feel a bit more motivated.  If not, please also keep in mind that you should consider seeking professional help at any point in time, too.

The more ways that you can seek help to find your motivation, the better!

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