6 Weird Ways to Make Money Online

6 Weird Ways to Make Money Online

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I love finding new ways to make money, don’t you?  I am always looking for ways to earn money to share with my friends.  I mean, we can’t be the only ones that are on the constant hunt for side-hustle money, right?

No, I’m not solely focused on money, and no I don’t think that people should work all of the time, but having extra money to pay off debt or build savings can be a tremendous weight lifted off of our shoulders.

I have touched on quite a few ways that you can earn money online. Today I’ve decided to tell you all about the weird ways that I have seen that you can make money online.

I’m not talking about inappropriate things, but just the off-the-wall stuff that people make money on that most of us have never even thought about.

Here are some fun, yet weird ways to make money online:

1. Mock Jury

Have you ever had jury duty?  Did you like it? Well, now you can get paid to do it from home online!  You can often make $5-$10 per “case” helping lawyers prepare for their time in court.

2. Sell Your Old Gift Cards

Have you ever received a gift of a gift card that you have absolutely no plans to use? Go on to Raise.com and sell it.  Most of these gift cards sell at a discount. You can even sell gift cards that are partially used.

3. Allow ads on your phone

You can download an app that allows ads to show on your phone’s lock screen.  There is no rule that you have to look at it, but you will receive payment for it.

4. Sell your smartphone photos

C’mon, you probably take about a million pics a day anyway (oh..is that just me?).  Why not make some money selling these photos that you take? Foap allows you to upload your photo and you will get paid for each download of said photo.

5. Post your hair for sale

Yes, this is a real website.  You can post ads for your hair and there are many, many people out there that will actually buy it!  Sometimes it is wigmakers, sometimes it is artists, but there are people that want to buy hair of all colors as long as it is at least 6” long.

6. Write greeting cards

Have you ever dreamt of having your words written in a greeting card?  Dream no more, my friends! You can sell your poetry and artistic words to be placed into greeting cards and make up to $300.

Do you know of any other weird ways you can make money online?

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