7 Easy Vegetarian Walking Taco Recipes (Walking Tacos with No Meat)

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7 Easy Vegetarian Walking Taco Recipes (Walking Tacos with No Meat

As a busy mom of three energetic kids—ages 6, 8, and 12—I know firsthand the challenges of keeping everyone fed and happy, especially when it comes to meals on the go. That’s where these vegetarian walking taco recipes come to the rescue!

Picture this: it’s a sunny Saturday, and you’re heading to the park with your little ones. You’re juggling soccer balls, water bottles, and of course, the ever-hungry tummies. Enter the walking taco—a portable, mess-free way to enjoy all the deliciousness of tacos without the hassle of a sit-down meal.

Now, let’s add a twist. My family and I recently embarked on a journey towards more plant-based eating, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer.

Vegetarian walking tacos are not only incredibly tasty, but they’re also packed with nutrients, kinder to our planet, and oh-so-easy to customize for each of my picky eaters. Whether it’s my 6-year-old who loves anything with beans, my 8-year-old who can’t get enough of spicy lentils, or my 12-year-old who is obsessed with BBQ jackfruit, there’s a vegan walking taco recipe for everyone.

In this article, I’m sharing our favorite 7 Easy Vegitarian Walking Taco Recipes—no meat, all flavor. These recipes are perfect for busy weeknights, weekend adventures, or even just a fun twist on taco night at home. So grab a bag of your favorite chips, gather your toppings, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of vegan walking tacos!

1. Walking Tacos Frito Pie

What I love most about this recipe is how it transforms the classic Frito pie into a healthy, vegan delight. Imagine crunchy corn chips smothered with flavorful chili beans and topped with fresh, vibrant veggies.

It’s like a fiesta in a bag!

Plus, the customization options are endless, which means no more complaints about unwanted ingredients. My youngest can pile on the beans, my middle one can go crazy with the avocado, and my eldest can make it as spicy as he likes. Everyone’s happy, and dinner is a success!

Now, let’s talk about convenience. These walking tacos are a dream come true for busy parents. You serve them right in the chip bags, so there’s practically no clean-up.

No plates, no mess, no fuss—just pure, unadulterated taco joy. And if you’re heading out for a game day, camping trip, or just a fun evening at the park, these tacos are perfect. They travel well, and the individual servings mean no sharing fights (because we all know how that goes).

Honestly, the first time I made these, I felt like I had discovered the Holy Grail of family meals. They’re so easy to put together—just cook up some chili beans with taco seasoning, gather your favorite toppings, and voilà!

You’ve got a meal that’s not only delicious but also packed with nutrients. It’s a sneaky way to get the kids to eat more veggies, and they don’t even realize it.

2. Five Minute Walking Tacos

What makes this recipe so fantastic is how effortless it is to prepare. With just a few minutes of prep, you’ve got a meal that’s not only delicious but also fun to eat. Plus, the presentation is a hit—serving the tacos in individual chip bags adds an element of novelty that my kids absolutely adore.

Start with snack-sized bags of Fritos-style corn chips (or go for a full-sized bag if you’re serving a crowd), and then pile on the toppings. The base is a batch of flavorful lentil taco meat, which is hearty and satisfying. Add chopped tomatoes, green leaf lettuce, shredded non-dairy cheese, and guacamole. Don’t forget the optional toppings like jalapeño slices, hot sauce, chopped cilantro, vegan sour cream, and chives to make each taco uniquely yours.

Here’s a little secret: using Trader Joe’s organic corn chip dippers adds an extra crunch that takes these walking tacos to the next level. Gently crush the chips in the bag to create a perfect bowl or pouch for your toppings.

It’s like having a mini taco bar in every bag!

And cleanup? It’s a breeze. No need for extra plates or bowls—just enjoy your meal straight from the chip bag with a fork. This not only makes things simpler but also adds to the fun, making it perfect for those nights when you want a no-fuss, no-mess dinner solution.

3. Vegan Birria Walking Tacos

If there’s one recipe that has truly captured the hearts (and taste buds) of my family, it’s the Vegan Birria Walking Tacos. These are not just any tacos—they’re a fun, portable twist on the classic quesabirria tacos, perfect for our busy lives.

Imagine your favorite bag of chips, smothered with melty vegan cheese sauce, topped with meaty birria mushrooms, fresh pico de gallo, and a squeeze of lime. It’s seriously the most delicious portable snack that’s perfect for any get-together!

The key ingredient here is the king trumpet or oyster mushrooms, which are shredded into meat-like strips and marinated to perfection. Even my pickiest eater loves them! Well, almost. My middle child, who is 8, isn’t a fan of mushrooms. But no worries! For him, I just substitute the mushrooms with some seasoned jackfruit or extra lentils. Problem solved, and everyone’s happy!

One of the things I love most about this recipe is the birria and consomé broth. Rehydrating the dried chiles and blending them with roasted onions, garlic, and spices creates a rich, flavorful sauce that brings everything together.

The mushrooms are cooked until they’re crispy on the edges and then simmered in the consomé, making them unbelievably savory and satisfying.

4. Super Simple Vegetarian Walking Tacos

Here’s what we do: We start with Hy-Vee Short Cuts fajita vegetables and sweet corn, which I grill to perfection in a cast-iron pan with a little vegetable oil. The charred veggies, tossed with fresh lime juice, cumin, and a pinch of salt, add such a vibrant, smoky flavor to the tacos. Even my pickiest eater can’t resist them!

While the veggies are grilling, I heat up three cans of Hy-Vee fat-free vegetarian chili with beans. This chili is hearty, delicious, and packed with protein—perfect for keeping my active kids full and satisfied.

The real magic happens when we assemble the tacos. We use small bags of Fritos or Doritos as the base, which makes the whole meal feel like a special treat. My kids love slightly crushing the chips in the bags before we open them and fold over the tops to create a bowl. Then we spoon in the warm chili and top it with the grilled vegetables.

But it doesn’t stop there! The best part is letting everyone choose their favorite toppings. Whether it’s shredded lettuce, cherry tomatoes, chopped avocado, sour cream, finely shredded Cheddar Jack cheese, or fresh cilantro, each taco becomes a personalized creation. My 6-year-old loves piling on the cherry tomatoes and cheese, my 8-year-old goes for the avocado and sour cream, and my 12-year-old can’t get enough taco sauce and cilantro.

5. Vegetarian Sofritas Tofu Walking Tacos

I love how versatile and wholesome this meal is. My kids adore the crispy, golden-brown tofu bites. Searing the tofu until it’s perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside is a game-changer. It adds a delightful crunch that even my pickiest eater can’t resist.

Next, the addition of Ro*Tel® Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies gives the dish a vibrant kick. Pureeing one can and mixing it with the seared tofu along with cumin, chili powder, and seasonings creates a rich, flavorful base that ties everything together.

It’s spicy enough to be exciting but not too much for little taste buds.

Grilling fresh sweet corn is another highlight of this recipe. There’s something magical about those slightly charred kernels that adds a smoky sweetness to the tacos.

My kids love watching the corn turn bright yellow and get those lovely grill marks. Cutting the corn off the cob and sprinkling it over the chips is a fun task they always volunteer for (don’t worry I do the cutting they do the sprinkling).

We also toss in some colorful bell peppers and onions, which we quickly brown in a hot skillet. The slight caramelization brings out their natural sweetness, adding another layer of flavor to our tacos.

Plus, it’s a great way to sneak in some extra veggies—my kids hardly notice they’re eating something so healthy when it’s mixed with all their favorite toppings.

6. Beyond Beef Vegetarian Walking Tacos

What makes this recipe a winner in our book is the delicious and hearty Beyond Beef® filling. It’s incredibly flavorful, thanks to the taco seasoning and the perfect texture that mimics traditional ground beef.

I love that it’s plant-based, giving us a healthier option without sacrificing taste. Cooking it in a cast iron pan adds that extra bit of rustic charm and depth of flavor.

The toppings are where everyone gets to personalize their taco experience. In our family, my youngest loves the shredded cheddar and guacamole combo, my middle one can’t get enough of the salsa and sour cream, and my eldest piles on the lettuce and tomatoes.

Here’s how we do it: We heat the Beyond Beef® in a cast iron pan until it’s perfectly browned and then mix in the taco seasoning. The smell alone gets everyone excited and ready to dig in.

To assemble, we cut the chip bags open lengthwise (this makes it easier for little hands) and layer in the Beyond Beef®, cheddar, lettuce, guacamole, salsa, tomatoes, and sour cream. It’s a simple process that’s quick enough for weeknight dinners but fun enough for weekend gatherings.

7. Buffalo Jackfruit Vegan Walking Tacos with Vegan Queso

With just 10 minutes of prep and 5 minutes of cooking, this dish is a lifesaver. The star of the show is the buffalo jackfruit, which is smoky, tangy, and has just the right amount of heat to make it exciting but not too spicy for the little ones.

We start with the flavorful buffalo jackfruit, cooked to perfection with vegan butter and Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Sauce. The fun part is adding all the toppings—shredded carrots, celery slices, green onions, red onions, cilantro, and pico de gallo. It’s like having a mini taco bar right at the dinner table!

The vegan queso is another big hit. It’s creamy, rich, and adds a delicious cheesy flavor that pairs perfectly with the spicy jackfruit. We keep a bowl of it warm and ready for everyone to add as much or as little as they like. My youngest loves to pile on the queso, while my older kids go for a balanced mix of toppings.

If you loved these recipes as much as we do, I’d be thrilled if you could pin them to your favorite recipe boards on Pinterest. It’s a great way to keep these tasty ideas handy for busy weeknights or fun family gatherings.

Plus, you’ll be helping other parents discover these delightful dishes!

Here’s a little challenge for you: try one of these recipes this week and let me know how it turned out. Did your kids love it? Did you make any fun modifications? I’d love to hear your stories and see your taco creations.

Share your photos and tag me so we can spread the vegetarian taco love far and wide.

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