7 Free Kids Coloring Pages (Frome Easy To Difficult)

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free coloring pages for kids

1. Doughnut Coloring Page

Are you or your kids doughnut lovers? Then they will certainly love these donut coloring pages. These are simple to color (they are doughtnuts afterall) so they can be easily done by kids of all ages.

If your kids are a little bit older then you always have them cut them add or add other decorations on top to make this coloring page/craft a little more difficult.

donut coloring page free

2. Bug Coloring Page

In real life most kids absolutely hate bugs but when you put them on a coloring page and add a smile to the bug’s face it will automatically become their favorite. Although not all bug coloring pages are made the same these pages are relatively simple to color.

So if your children are a bit older you will want to look elsewhere for more detailed bug coloring pages.

free bug coloring page

3. Robot Coloring Page

There are many sci-fi movies about robots and they always seem to be intent on taking over the world. However, when it comes to coloring sheets the only thing they will be taking over is your children’s imaginations.

Robot coloring pages can be simple or hard to do depending on the age of those coloring. It could simply be coloring in the robot outline or your children could also add armor, faces, and other intricate details onto their robots.

That makes this coloring page good for all ages.

free robot coloring page

4. Shark Coloring Page

Although meeting a shark in the ocean might not be something that you ever want to do, meeting him on the page of a coloring book is loads of fun. Not only can your kids color in the details of the shark you could also make it educational by having them look up shark facts online or even watching a shark documentary after (or before) they color their sharks in.

free shark coloring page

5. Heart Coloring Page

Hearts can be simple or complex to draw and color. It can be simple as coloring the heart red and cutting it out or as complex as using different shades of color to give the heart depth or volume.

Whatever your child’s age they will enjoy coloring a heart and they can easily cut it out (with your help of course) and send it to a loved one or friend that they love.

free heart coloring page

6. Orange Coloring Page

Oranges are far from the normal coloring page but they will give your child the opportunity to express themselves. They can color them orange (unique right) or use a variety of differnet colors and make it more of an abstarct art project.

free orange coloring page

7. Under The Sea Coloring Page

If you have younger children you will likely want to skip this coloring page as the details will be hard to do properly and your children could end up frustrated rather than having fun. If your children are in grade school (or older) they will likely find these more challenging coloring pages loads of fun to do.

Plus it will keep them busy for longer than the simple coloring pages will (which is a win for busy parents everywhere).

free under the sea coloring page

free kids coloring pages

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