10 Out of the Box to Make Money

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10 Out of the Box Ways to Make Money

Whenever I tell someone I work from home, they look at me like I am crazy. Most people have no idea how to make money from home without selling something. In fact, this money making strategies are considered odd and unusual to most. Here are 10 odd and out of the box ways to make money!

10 Out of The Box Ways to Make Money

#1 Write Something You’re Passionate about

Most people don’t know they can make money just writing things they are passionate about. Write why you think our presidential election sucks, how to enjoy life with less, or what it’s like to have an Autistic child. You can sell your articles to sites like Listverse, The Everyday Windshield, and The Daily Heckle who want to share your passions with others.  Want to know more about being a ghost writer, check article out.

#2 Download Various Apps

There is an app for that! Yes, there are actually many apps you can make money with. All you have to do is download the app and use it. Here are a few that are truly odd:

  • Gigwalk: You get paid to walk. Seriously!
  • GymPact: Get paid to workout at the gym. Don’t believe, try it!
  • Phewtick: Get paid to hang out with friends. All you have to do is scan each other’s devices.
  • Here are a few more ways to earn just by linking up your activity tracker, check this article here.

#3 Get Paid to Shop

I love shopping, but I love getting paid money to shop even more! Places like EBates, TopCash Back, Swagbucks, Ibotta, MobiSave, and CheckOut51 actually pay you to shop through them. They get paid for advertising certain stores and instead of keeping it all for themselves, they give it back to you!

#4 Get Paid to Taking Pictures While on Vacation

How odd is it that you can actually get paid while doing normal things on vacation? Stock photos are becoming more and more popular for bloggers, and when it comes to getting pictures that aren’t already done, Shutter Shock and other stock photo companies will pay for unique photos.

#5 Make Money Reading Websites

You can make money just surfing the net. Instead of reading without a purpose, check out companies that actually pay you to rate websites. Places like ZeroChaos, Open, and others will pay you to rate an overall experience of a website.

#6 Get Paid to Buy Booze

Places like Serve Legal hire underage adults to go in and try to buy alcohol from stores, gas stations, and local bars. If they sell to you without an I.D., they want to crack down on it. So, get paid to try and buy alcohol.  You can also submit receipts (if you are of legal age) to shopping apps mentioned above!

#7 Make Money by Answering Text Messages

Did you know that some people can send and receive over 10,000 texts in one day? If you are a texting queen/king, get money for moving those fingers so fast. ChaCha pays people to answer other people’s questions. Sign up to start answering questions and earning money.

#8 Rent out a Spare Room to a College Student

If you have an extra room in your house, you can make some money off of it. Rent out your space on Craigslist or FB so a college student can continue their education by finding an inexpensive way to live off campus.

#9 Get paid for Keeping Ink Cartridges Out of the Landfill

Send your old ink cartridges to Cash for Cartridges or the Recycling Factory instead of the trash can. You can get paid money just for recycling them. These places pay in Euros, so you will have to determine if it is worth it if you are from the US.

#10 Get Paid to Listen to Music

If you listen to music on the regular, consider writing reviews for music that haven’t been released on Slice the Pie. Listen to 60 seconds of music and let the artist know how you liked it. You get paid cents per review, but you get to listen to music.

What other odd and out of the box ways have you found to make money? We would love to know in the comments below!

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