Adorable Dog Costumes for Halloween

funny dog halloween costumes

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Adorable and Funny Dog Costumes for Halloween

I couldn’t resist doing a post about Adorable dog costumes this year, just had to!  I am in love with my furbabies and friends in my barefoot budgeting group have shared their past Halloween costumes with great joy!  So many of you take your pups trick or treating with your and your kids on the fun candy walk and it’s an all out trend on pinterest and well, have you seen the stores with sections dedicated just to this all out fun!  I’ve even seen Pet fundraisers with Halloween parades, how cute is that?!!

adorable dog costumes

I don’t think I’ve seen a cuter costume for a dog than this Lion

dog lion costume

If you are a Disney fan, dress your dog up as Mickey.

dog mickey mouse costume

Or if man’s best friend is a girl, Minnie!

dog minnie mouse costume

Your dog could win the costume contest wearing this Cowboy outfit.

dog cowboy costume

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope! It’s just Superdog!!!

superdog superman dog costume

What Halloween isn’t complete without the Caped Crusader!  Superman fans love this Batman. 

dog batman costume

Seriously, how much fun is it to Trick or Treat with your whole family, furry ones and all!  Spending quality fun family time is such a great activity and way to get unplugged, out of the house and share some fun memories.  What are your kids (furry and non furry) wearing this year?

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