The Best Websites and Apps to Use to Sell Your Thrift Store Flips

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The Best Websites and Apps to Use to Sell Your Thrift Store Flips

Where to sell your thrift store flips?? Okay, so you have decided to start a Thrift Store Flipping side hustle.  So, now where do you begin? How do you decide where to sell your sweet finds?  What websites are the best? Should you use an app instead? Oh, the questions can go on and on.  I have learned quite a bit about thrift store flipping and I do know that some sites are better than other depending on what you are trying to sell.

Here are the best websites and apps to use to sell your thrift store flips:

  • Craigslist – The original selling page of the internet.  The site that took the place of classified ads and one of the absolutely best places to sell furniture, cars, tools, etc.  I have found that if I have items that are higher priced, Craigslist is the place do post them. Beware though, that there are a lot of scams coming from Craigslist so never ship an item, never accept wire payments or Western Union and NEVER EVER accept a check that is higher than what you are asking because these are almost without fail a scam.
  • OfferUp – I have found that the OfferUp App is a great place to sell bigger items that are priced lower.  Of course, this isn’t always going to be the case, but I have found success in selling furniture and other items that aren’t super expensive.
  • LetGo – Let go is very similar to OfferUp and is great for selling just about anything.  I haven’t used this one much, but I have heard some success stories.
  • Facebook Marketplace – Facebook marketplace is great for selling things locally.  You can post just about anything on her for sale (clothes, toys, cars, real estate and lots more).  I like the FB Marketplace because, unlike Craigslist and other selling apps, you can’t really be anonymous on FB, which I have found makes it harder for buyers to flake.  You can also start your own buy/sell page on Facebook, which could give you more control over your buying audience.  
  • Ebay – If you have items you are okay with shipping out, eBay is the sales site for you.  The benefit here is that you can find buyers throughout the nation (or worldwide if you wish), so your customer base is expanded greatly over the local selling sites.  The downside is that you have to ship out your items, so if the item you wish to sell is heavy in weight or large in size, it is going to be harder to sell because of the cost of shipping.  You also need to make sure you are on the ball as a shipper. You have to ship out when you say you will or it will result in poor reviews and possible loss of your seller account.

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Have you had any luck with any other selling sites or apps?  I would love to hear all about them!

The Best Websites and Apps to Use to Sell Your Thrift Store Flips

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