Budget Kind Mason Jar Kids DIY Crafts

mason jar kids crafts

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mason jar kid crafts


Budget Kind Mason Jar Kids Crafts

Mason Jar Kids Crafts , yes that’s right and budget friendly.  I have been posting lots of mason jar ideas lately and thought it was time to let the kids in on some of the fun too.  In all honesty, many of these kids crafts are pretty much something I could make a few small changes to and make them grownup loving too!


  • Mason Jar Superhero Bank.    Do you have a lover of superheroes in your home? Or someone you are always stuck for ideas on a gift.  Here’s your answer!  This is an adorably crafted jar and you could even use an old pickle or mayonaise jar!

mason jar kids crafts


  • Mason Jar Aquarium.  Planning a trip to the beach, an aquarium, looking for party favors for an aquatic themed party? These mason jar aquariums are sure to be a splash!


diy aquarium in a jar


  • Mason Jar Night Light.  Oh the glow these give off!  What a handy little way to shed some light for someone to find their way to the bathroom or your bed haha in the middle of the night.


diy mason jar night light


  • Fairy Garden Mason Jar.  O.K., so this really is the sweetest!  Oh, the smiles a fairy garden will bring your family for really, years!


fairy garden in a jar


  • Troll Mason JarSomething about this reminds me of when we’d plant in school milk boxes.  This would have been so much more fun to bring home to mom back then!


adorable troll jar planter


  • Mason Jar TerrariumThis is perfect for boys and girls.  Well, grownups too!  Have some old game pieces or cars n trucks in the house from those days.  This would make a wonderful memory of a toy once loved so much, now loved in a different way.



terrarium in mason jar


Seriously, I can’t decide if this roundup of mason jar kids crafts was more for me or the kids.  I’ll say both and make it fair.  I love these all and so hope you find something to make you smile in these also.

Tip:  You can also use old jars from pickles, mayonaise, etc.. think miniature versions with baby food jars.  Pick up stuff like this at thrift stores too and yard sales.  The variety of shapes and sizes out there are endless and can make this an even more frugal craft when it’s free or found for a dollar or less!


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diy mason jar kids crafts



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