5 Ways To Build Your Virtual Assistant Reputation To Score Jobs

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If you’re learning how to become a virtual assistant, you’re probably wondering how you can build your virtual assistant business and your virtual assistant reputation. There are lots of ways to expand your business, but without a good reputation in the virtual world, you likely won’t score many jobs.

In this post, we’re talking about how to build your reputation in the virtual world to help you land jobs and make money from home!

Learn how to build your virtual assistant reputation to score jobs and make money from home! It's simple - anyone can do it!

1. Offer to work for free.

That’s right! Normally, you should never ever work for free, especially as a virtual assistant. However, when you’re getting started and you’re just starting to build your VA business, it’s a great idea to offer some free work trials to people you know who may need assistance or even someone looking for a virtual assistant with your skill set.

Offer a free week trial.

This way if they like your work it could potentially turn into a permanent position, and if they decide not to hire for any reason (like if they weren’t planning to hire an assistant in the first place), you can always add it to your resume as experience and a reference!

2. Always communicate.

If you won’t be able to finish something on time or by a deadline, communicate with your client. This gives them the opportunity to get it done themselves or source the work elsewhere so they can hit their own deadlines.

This is especially important if you’re working with bloggers and business owners who have specific deadlines to hit with the work you’re doing.

3. Finish work on time.

Unless an emergency comes up, you should always be able to finish your work on time or by the deadline discussed between you and your client. If you’re consistently getting work finished and delivered on time, you’re likely to keep getting hired.

Additionally, if a client likes your work, they’ll probably tell other people and in this business, word of mouth is everything!

4. Charge what you’re worth, but also be reasonable.

You should absolutely always charge what you’re worth. Do not undersell yourself and undercut other virtual assistants just to gain clients. The right client will pay what you’re worth and there are lots of clients out there willing to do so.

You can either price by project or by the hour, but make sure you’re making what you want to make. After all, that’s the whole point of starting your own virtual assistant business and being able to work from home for yourself!

That being said, you should charge what you’re worth but also be reasonable. Don’t charge hundreds of dollars for something that takes you 5 minutes to complete.

5. Do a good job.

This should go without saying, but don’t produce low quality work. For instance, if you’re writing an article for a blogger, think about it: would you want this article on your blog if you had/have one? Do your best. Every. Time. 

What types of virtual assistant work are you most interested in? Do you have a plan in place to start finding work?

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