You Can Sell WHAT on Ebay?

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Have you ever doubted you had anything to sell on eBay ?  you looking for extra ways to earn money?  Are you needing to clear clutter and junk out of your house? I have a great tip that will accomplish both of these goals!  Sell your unique items on Ebay!  No, I don’t mean antiques and high dollar stuff that only a select few of us have, I mean unique, yet common stuff, like..toilet paper rolls?!  Yep, you read that right. You’ll find yourself saying “You Can Sell WHAT on Ebay” too!!

Here is a quick list of some of the more unique items that you can make money selling on Ebay:

Empty Egg Cartons.  It doesn’t matter if your eggs came in a cardboard or styrofoam container, changes are you can sell a stack of those cartons for a pretty penny.  Crafters love to use old egg cartons for all kinds of arts and crafts and you can feel good about the fact that your items are being upcycled instead of thrown in the trash.  (Anyone else hate styrofoam?)

A stack of cartons can often sell for $10 and up, plus the cost of shipping! Check These Out!

Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Tubes.  Never in my life could I imagine that people would pay for used paper towel and toilet paper rolls, but they do!  Like the egg cartons I mentioned above, these are often used in arts and crafts projects.  Don’t expect to sell them individually of course, but stock up on 40 or so and then place them up for sale.  Again, you can expect to make around $10 on a lot this size.  Considering these are simply trash to most people, $10 sounds pretty good.  For Real!! Look at these SOLD listings!

sell empty toilet paper rolls on ebay

Pine Cones.  Yep, those pine cones that are littering your yard under the trees can make your family a little extra cash.  Pine cones are used by artists for some pretty unique creations (noticing a theme here?).  So send the kids outside to work collecting pine cones and get to selling!  Yes, Money DOES grow on Trees (sorta).

Empty Makeup Containers.  If you use M.A.C. makeup you are going to want to read this one.  M.A.C. offers a trade in deal with empty makeup containers, so these often sell for several dollars apiece on Ebay.

Empty Coffee Containers.  Crafters seriously are in love with these!  Frugal organizers can’t get enough!  Look how much these containers sold for!

empty coffee container


Old Remotes.  I know you have one or two old remotes floating around your house. I bet you could clear that space out of your junk drawer and make a couple of bucks. I was pretty surprised at how much some of these sold for!

As you can see, you can sell some pretty crazy stuff on Ebay!  Don’t be afraid to take a look around at your clutter to see what you have and check out Ebay to see if it sells there, you might be surprised.  If you’re new to selling on Ebay, no worries, I have some help for you here from a previous post.



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