Can Walmart Coupons Be Used At Sam’s Club?

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At Sam’s Club, members shop for products in bulk. So unlike Walmart, where you can get just a couple of items, you will buy many at once instead. This makes shopping easier for those who need to buy products in bulk and their low prices for the bulk items also help them to save money doing it. 

Now, these leading retailers, Sam’s Club and Walmart, are both owned by the same company. So, this can make us wonder, can Walmart coupons be used at Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club doesn’t accept any Walmart coupons. In fact, they don’t accept any coupons at all whether they are manufacturer or competitor coupons. They sell merchandise in bulk so most of their products wouldn’t even be eligible.

Walmart and Sam’s club are owned and operated by Walmart Inc, but are different types of stores. At Walmart, you don’t buy products in bulk and you don’t need a membership to shop there. At Sam’s Club you buy products in bulk for lower prices and you have to be a member to shop there. 

It’s worth it to many people especially if you are shopping for a large family, a special occasion, parties, etc. 

If you are trying to save money at Walmart, then you can use coupons to get a certain amount off of your products. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case at Sam’s Club. They don’t accept coupons of any kind because they already have low prices.

So, even though Sam’s Club is owned and operated by Walmart Inc. they don’t accept any of their coupons for products. Plus these coupons typically wouldn’t work for bulk items anyways. They also wouldn’t be needed since Sam’s prices are kept low for customers shopping in bulk. 

When you shop at Sam’s Club and need to get many of one or several types of products, then it’s going to cost you less than if you were to use a coupon.

Many retailers allow customers to use coupons to save a little bit of money. These are applied at the time of checkout and can save a few cents to a few dollars on many types of products. Groceries, clothing, auto services, health and beauty items, etc. have coupons available at many stores. 

But, one retailer who doesn’t accept coupons is Sam’s Club. 

There are a couple reasons why they don’t accept coupons. First of all, Sam’s Club offers their members low prices for products sold in bulk, so unfortunately, they do not accept any coupons. But, to help out their thrifty customers they do have an instant Savings program. This is automatically downloaded to Membership Cards and applied to wherever an item is purchased. 

So, Sam’s Club is already offering their members the lowest prices possible. They still need to make a profit on what they sell, but with these low prices and also the Instant Saving Program, customers at Sam’s Club already get great deals without having to use coupons. 

So, Sam’s Club doesn’t accept any manufacturer or competitor coupons including Walmart coupons.

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How To Save Money At Sam’s Club?

Already offering low prices for their members, you can still save additional money at Sam’s Club. Even though they don’t accept coupons, there are a couple ways you can still save money when shopping at this store. 

So how can you save money at Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club offers its members an Instant Savings Program to help them save additional money on top of their already low prices. If you purchase an item that is part of this program, then when you are at the checkout, the discount will be immediately applied.

This doesn’t just save you money but also time since you don’t have to do any coupon clipping or searching for coupons to get a discount on them. Sam’s Club members don’t need to get coupons through the mail or via email, Sam’s Club offers them access to the Instant Savings program instead. 

That offers additional discounts on certain products and services for a limited time and it does change throughout the year. Automatically applied to your membership card, these discounts are applied wherever you purchase a product that is part of the deals. 

Now, we already mentioned how you cannot use manufacturer (or other store) coupons at Sam’s Club and that you really don’t need to. Everything is sold in bulk at low prices so you are already getting low prices without using any coupons. 

But, the Instant Saving program is just an extra way for Sam’s Club members to save more. 

Members can view these savings on their mobile app, email, online, or even ask about them in person at the Membership desk. But, you have to be a member to use them. So, to save more money at Sam’s Club, you cannot use coupons but you can use their Instant savings program.

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Can You Use A Walmart Plus Membership At Sam’s Club?

But, what if you have a Walmart Plus Membership? Can you use this at Sam’s Club to save money? 

A Walmart Plus membership can be used for Sam’s Club fuel purchases but cannot be used for anything else at Sam’s Club. It would be nice if you could get free delivery for a massive Sam’s Club order but unfortunately they don’t allow it with your Walmart Plus membership at this time. 

These fuel discounts are available at more than 500 Sam’s Club locations. So, you can use your Walmart Plus membership at Sam’s Club, but only for fuel. 

But what is a Walmart Plus membership? Walmart Plus is a subscription service from Walmart. You pay a yearly fee and get perks like unlimited free delivery, fuel discounts, discounted Rx, free shipping and more! Unfortunately you only get most of these perks at Walmart and not at Sam’s Club as well. 

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you cannot use Walmart coupons at Sam’s Club. Although they are both owned and operated by Walmart Inc. they are different stores. Walmart sells individual items to any shoppers while Sam’s club sells products in bulk to members only. 

Sam’s is a great place to shop if you need products in bulk since they offer low prices for the products. If you are looking for a way to save more money while shopping at this store, check out the Instant Savings Program. 

Because of this program and their affordable prices, Sam’s Club doesn’t offer or accept any coupons (even manufacturer coupons). 

So, Walmart coupons cannot be used at Sam’s Club.

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