Can You Use Coupons For Walmart Pick-up?

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If you are a thrifty shopper, then you probably do some couponing. Coupons can help you save money on your favorite brands at virtually every store. 

Since Walmart accepts coupons, you can purchase your merchandise at a discounted price by simply handing them to your cashier at checkout. 

Now, usually you will use coupons at the checkout of the store. You hand it over to the cashier who then scans it for the discounted price. If you are at self-checkout, then you can scan the coupon yourself to receive the certain amount off of particular items. 

So, we know that you can use coupons in the store at Walmart, but what about when using the Walmart pickup? Can you use coupons for Walmart pickup instead of going into the store? 

Unfortunately, you cannot use paper or manufacturer coupons with your Walmart Pickup order. However, there are special promo codes and deals that can be found on the app or online and applied to your order to help you save some money.

It’s possible that they will allow this in the future but as of right now you can’t use your paper or printed coupons to save on a Walmart Pickup order. 

Walmart has advanced to much more than your usual local grocery store. Offering a variety of products for their customers, Walmart is a one stop shop for everything you need. While picking up some groceries for the week, they have many brands and foods to choose from. 

While you are there, you can check out their clothing sections for men, women, and children where all the essential apparel is available. In need of a new grilling set for the summer months ahead or how about a bike for some exercise and fun? Walmart has these too! 

And if you are wanting the newest electronics, head to the back of their stores to grab a video game or pair of earbuds. This only scratches the surface of what’s available at Walmart too. They also sell home, office, and crafting supplies as well as health, hygiene, and beauty products, and more! 

It is truly a one stop shop for all of your needs and wants.

But, Walmart doesn’t expect you to come into their store if you aren’t able to. This is why they have Pick-up and delivery available to their customers. If your life is busy and you don’t have time to shop for your groceries, etc. you can order them online and have them shipped and delivered right to your door. 

And if you simply want to stop by and pick-up what you ordered, you can do this too! 

You can either head into the store to their Pick-up counter or kiosk and receive your order, or you can select curbside pickup in which case an employee will bring your products out to your car so you don’t ever have to step out of it. This can keep your schedule moving so you have more time to do the things you love without spending too much time shopping in the store. 

Plus it is a really easy way to stock up on what you need (without getting the kids in and out of the car or fighting with them about what brands and flavors to buy). Once you have ordered what you need on the app or online, you will receive a notification when it is ready to be picked up. 

Then you just head to the store and pick it up. 

If you are wanting to save some money by using coupons for these pickup orders, there is a way you can. You can still use a form of coupons even though you are picking up a Walmart order. These are found and used differently than paper coupons. 

Since you will be paying for your order online you can’t necessarily have them scan the barcode on a paper coupon. Instead, you will need to use some digital coupons. These aren’t the same as the paper coupons, but they can aid in saving you some money. 

So, even though you can’t use paper or manufacturer coupons for Walmart Pick-up there are still ways to get great deals on your purchases using their in app deals and coupons. 

To see some other smart ways to save with couponing just click here. 

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How Do I Add Coupons To My Walmart Pickup?

Coupons usually refer to paper or manufacturer coupons. These cannot be used for Walmart Pickup or online orders. If you want the deals that the paper coupons have, then you will need to shop and pay in store with the coupon to get them. 

Walmart digital coupons can be found on their website and you can also find some Walmart coupons at Coupon Cabin. These can just be applied at the online checkout. So, how do you add these coupons to your Walmart pick-up?

To add digital “coupons” to Walmart Pickup orders, you will first need the promo code. Copy and paste this code into the box on the checkout screen that says “Promo Code” and it will automatically adjust the price for the discounted items. Normal paper coupons cannot be added to your Walmart Pickup order. 

Once you find the digital coupon you want to use for your order, follow the steps to applying it to your purchase. There will be a box asking for a Promo Code. You will need to copy and paste the code of the coupon you want to use into this box and it will automatically reduce the price to the discounted one. 

Then you can complete your order and pick up your groceries. No scanning of a coupon is necessary. Walmart Pickup is great because you can do everything including payment and applying coupons online. Then once you arrive at the store, there is no need for these since it is already done. 

Your order is brought out to you and you can go about your day.

It’s important to note that when we are referring to using “coupons” on the app, or online for Walmart Pickup, delivery,etc. we mean Promo Codes. They are basically the same, just digital but some may get confused thinking that paper coupons can be used at Walmart Pickup when in fact, they cannot. 

Unfortunately, if you have paper or manufacturer coupons, these cannot be used for Walmart Pickup. These coupons can only be used in stores, but, with advancements in technology, digital promo codes and deals can easily be applied to your order so you can still save on all of your purchases even if you are just picking it up. 

Some other ways to help you save those extra dollars and cents on your purchases at Walmart by using money saving apps like:

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Final Thoughts

Walmart Pickup makes it easy to get groceries quickly without spending the time shopping in the store. While paper or manufacturer coupons can only be used in store, there are some ways you can still save money with some promo codes that can be applied to your Pickup or online order.

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