5 Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas – DIY and Budget Friendly

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budget friendly christmas decorating

Christmas Decorating is a part of the season.  If you know me, I am NOT a seasonal spender!  I just can’t see spending money on something that is ‘trendy’ or going to get trashed in the bad weather.  I ‘will’ however spend money where I am going to get many years or a lifetime of value.

Holiday decorating pretty much splits down the middle on my spend or not to spend list, so whenever I can find DIY Budget friendly ideas the better!  I’m a few years older than many of my readers so many items I’ve accumulated over the years.

You can have that special magical Christmas for a whole lot less money than your neighbors haha.. and no need to share your budget friendly secrets!  Your home will look just as fabulous as those fancy schmancy ones we see on TV!  Are you ready for some fa la la la la ?

1. Ornamental Pillows

Pretty sure these Ornament Pillows are one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.  I don’t know if i’d ever want to put them away after the holiday and well, you can customize with your choice of fabric colors !

diy budget friendly ornment pillow

2. Paper Plate Lollipops

Even if you aren’t crafty you can make these Giant Paper Plate Lollipops. I seriously would love walking into someone’s front door adorned with these on either side or their walkway!  I’d just know they had delicousness inside to share with good company!

lollipop christmas decor on a budget

3. Christmas Tree Cones

Premade Christmas Tree Cones are super expensive. But you can make them for a fraction of the price.  You can make in multiple sizes and place where you want a little seasonal decor.  I love all nature inspired decorations. You can decorate in colors you could keep up well past Christmas too.

ps.. These would make a great centerpiece too!

cone tree on a budget

4. Santa Hat Chair Covers

You’ll need to be familiar with a sewing machine to make these adorable Santa Hat Chair Covers. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! ok, i’ll have to look into fusable web to make, I can’t sew a stitch!  These are one of those items you get to use over and over again, year after year. A small change in your dining area packs a big punch!

Santa Chair Covers on a budget

5. Driftwood Christmas Tree

You don’t even have to water this Driftwood Christmas Tree. That’s a win. I am so heading out to the woods to see what I can come up with!  I am in loooooooooove with this!  umm, FREE holiday decor anyone?

diy budget friendly branch tree

Do you go all out at the holidays or place just that less is more decor here and there.  Whether your the holiday fanatic or the simple decor personality there’s something here for you.  I am less is more, but I absolutely LOVE holiday decations as I drive around or visit peoples homes and yes, even department stores have my eyes twinkling in joy.

I love the spirit this time of year brings and the lights that bring back childhood and magic.

Thanks bunches for being here with us to enjoy some wonderful holiday spirit and joy.  If you’re feeling the urge to decorate inside for the festivities, keep it simple, keep it budget friendly.  Check out our no sew curtains and super adorable no sew pillow covers  (great for gifts too!)  Make some festive punch and get into the spirit while you decorate!

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