17+Cookie Gift Wrapping & Packaging Ideas

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Cookie Gift Wrapping and Packaging is well, putting the icing on the cake, the finishing touch.  It’s all in the presentation when you’re bringing a gift to someone special or a homemade treat to a party.  I love the creativity and simplicity of so many gift wrapping ideas.  That’s when I though, hey… let’s share some fabulous and pretty frugal ways of making your homemade gift look like it’s priceless.  We already know a well thought out handmade gift is just that afterall.

I started poking around and let me just say WOW! Gone are the days of plain cookie tins and plastic bags. O.K. full disclosure I’d still be thrilled to pieces with those as well.  BUT………………. I may be a bit envious of the person receiving the thoughtfully packaged treat, just a bit.

Easy Packaging For Christmas Cookies from tikkido.com

Sugar Cookie Gift from I {heart} Nap Time! Cookies are a great gift, especially with a cute box!!
Christmas Treat bags-content3
OREO cookie balls are fun to decorate for any season! Especially when you stick them in a super fun DIY gift box, too!
Brown Butter Toffee Cookie Recipe - sugar and cloth
Gingerbread House Treat Box
Cookie Gift Idea - great neighbor gift idea. Package up homemade cookies in a sweet paper bag and make a personalized gift tag. It's easy and a great gift idea for a neighbor, friend or a birthday gift! 
DIY We R Memory Keepers Fuse Tool Packaging + Free Funny Printables | damask love
DIY Christmas Treat Bags - Great for presenting cookies
Need a last minute gift for neighbors or friends? These Christmas folded treat boxes are perfect for filling with your favorite cookies. The printable file is ready for you to make this DIY cookie box gift today! | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM
Christmas Neighbor Gift - Printable Cookie Dough Label
diy paper window cookie box
DIY Cookie Treat Box with Tutorial Free Pattern

Now that you’ve explored some fancy schmancy ways for cookie wrapping and packaging I can guess you’re mind’s a ticking.  Mine too!  The ways these can be used year round with some color changes, some small decorative touches and voila it’s a gift they’ll write home about!  These are fabulous ways to dress up a shower favor table, birthday favors and remember the days of Thank You gifts!

Gift Wrapping for Cookie Swap or Gift Giving
cookie gift wrapping and packaging

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