10 Creative Uses For Your Extra Nail Polish

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So, be honest.  How many bottles of nail polish have you collected since you began couponing?  Probably more than you need, am I right?  I know many couponers can end up with hundreds and hundreds of bottles of polish and let’s face it, no one needs hundreds of bottles of nail polish (unless you are nail tech of course).

Creative Uses for Free Nail Polish

1. Give It As Gifts

So what can you do with all of this extra nail polish?  Well, you can give them away as gifts like: 

  • Shower Favors (Wedding, Baby)
  • Wedding Welcome Baskets
  • Thank You Gifts for adults of girls birthday party favors.
  • Themed gift jars with nail polish and nail files.

2. Donate Them

Or, you can donate them:

  • Women’s shelters for  women who probably didn’t think to pack up their pretty things when they got out of their situation.
  • Giving Bags 
  • Senior Centers

3. Spa Themed Night

Spa themed girls night!  Mani’s , Pedi’s, Champagne and lots of catching up and laughs.  Each guest keeps the color they chose.

4. Sell Them

You could sell them:

  • Ebay
  • Yard Sale
  • Online Yard Sales

More Creative Ideas You Say ?

If you have already given a bunch away and you still have a shelf full left over, here are some other creative uses for free nail polish that you may not have tried yet: 

uses for nail polish

5. Easter Egg paint

Oh my goodness, you can create some awesome marbled paint designs on Easter Eggs by using nail polish. I didn’t even know this was a thing until recently.  If you want to try it out, be sure to do a Google or Pinterest search to find out how this is done.  It looks pretty easy!

6. Pantyhose repair

I learned this one from my grandmother when I was a child.  Clear nail polish makes it easy to stop a run in your pantyhose.  Just put the clear polish over and around the hole in your pantyhose to keep it from growing.

7. Jewelry redesign

If you have some old costume jewelry that you no longer wear, consider coloring over the fake gemstone parts with nail polish to give them a whole new look.  Be sure to give it a gloss coat to make it shine.  You can also use it to color in your old costume jewelry chain necklaces and give it a brand new look.

8. Shoe and vinyl repair

Nail polish makes a great quick fix for shoe blemishes or small rips in vinyl. Just be sure to use a nail polish of the same color so it’s not noticeable.

9. Art supplies

Well, it is paint and it already comes with its own brush.  Add nail polish to your art supply case and use it next time you want to paint crafts.  I have used it before to paint rocks for the garden.

10. Kindness rocks

Paint your ‘kindness’ message of encouragement onto your favorite rock and leave it along a pathway or near a water fountain for someone to find along their travels.  Anonymous Love!  

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What is the most unique or just plain cool thing you have done with your extra nail polish?  I love hearing fun, creative uses for it!

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