7 Places To Stash Your Cash At Home That Are Genius!

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Do you prefer to keep your savings in cash?  I know to some financial institutions, that is a no-no, but for many people, they feel much more confident knowing that they have plenty of cash on hand in case of emergency.  

We like to keep cash on hand at home in small amounts.  I reached out to a few creative friends and asked where they keep their stash in a safe hide away.  

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If you are looking for some creative ways to stash your cash at home, check out this awesome list we put together for you. Some of them are simple and expected, while others are quite unique and will keep even you from wanting to touch that money unless absolutely necessary.

1. Use A Safe

Okay, not totally creative or unique, but it’s always good to keep your money locked up in a safe right?  That is especially true if your safe cannot easily be carried out.  If you only have space for a small safe, try bolting it to a cement wall in your basement or be sure it’s secured tightly to studs.  If it can’t be lifted and run with you stand a higher chance of a quick get away for the intended theif.  

Another option (that I personally use) is to use the safe as a decoy. Once a thief finds a safe they are more likely to not keep looking for your “hiding spot”. So put a little bit of your cash into the safe and the rest in one of the other places I mention below to help keep your cash even safer.

digital safe

2. In The Freezer

Place your cash in a plastic bag and place it in the freezer underneath some of your frozen meat or other frozen foods.  Even better, place that plastic bag inside a bag of veggies.  Curious if burglars eat veggies? 

(tip: great place to hide leftover Halloween candy from the kids too! ) 

If you have a deep freezer placing it in the bottom of it (or the back if a normal freezer) will also help to protect it even better. Afterall, no one wants to dig through a freezing cold freezer especially a thief that is in a hurry.

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3. In a toilet paper roll

Many people recommend actually putting your money in the toilet tank, however thieves often look there as sometimes illegal items will be stored there as well. So rather than putting your cash in the tank instead put it inside of a roll of toilet paper. 

This works especially well if you have a spot for extra toilet paper by your toilet especially if its a cover up toilet paper holder.  

4. In an envelope taped to the bottom of a cat litter box.  

My initial reaction to hearing this ideas was….What kind of burglar is going to go looking at your cat box? A cat burglar?  In all honesty, this is genius!! Even cat owners don’t like litter box chores!  

5. Tampon boxes

Tell me if you have heard this one before.  There are people who store their extra cash in full tampon boxes in their bathroom.  I love it!  Chances are a burglar isn’t going to think about digging through feminine hygiene products in an effort to find cash. 

Try placing in an envelope and placing in bottom of box.  

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6. Cleaning supplies

Place your money in a sealed ziploc type bag and then take an old, empty bottle of cleaning solution (not a clear bottle though) and place your money into it, then fill it with water.  

Place this bottle at the back of your cleaning supply cabinet.  This is great for wipes containers too.  

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7. Old pants pockets

Do you have a pair of pants that you no longer wear? Ever put on an old winter coat only to find money? Same idea.  Place money into the pockets of these pants and fold them up and place them in the bottom of your drawer so that they look like any other pair of pants in there.  

It is unlikely that a burglar will have time to go through all of the pockets of your clothes.  

Just make sure you or your significant other don’t accidentally throw them away!

Do you like to keep cash on hand?  How do you stash your cash?  

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Before you click away into your life’s responsibilities and crazies, I wanted to let you know how very much it means to me to have you here, stopping by, checking out what fun and creative ways we come up to save, earn and stash together!  I love having you here and can’t wait to have you stop by again soon.  Until we meet again………………………….

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