Does Using A Sodastream Save You Money?

Does Using A Sodastream Save You Money?

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If you’re not familiar with Sodastream’s products, they are basically machines that turn regular water into carbonated beverages. They look like little towers and come in different colors to match your kitchen decor. The company has been around since 1903 when its founder Guy Gilbey  invented the machine in England

The first model was so popular that he couldn’t keep up with demand, and as such there were only 100 units available for purchase. However, today, Sodastream has been acquired by Pepsi (in 2018) so the number of sales have become a bit harder to pin down. 

There have been multiple recalls on Sodastream over the years due to the risk of their bottles exploding under pressure (imagine that happening in your kitchen)! 

But despite all the horror stories, I still own one myself! And honestly, my experience using the Sodastream has been nothing short of amazing. Not only does it make me feel better knowing it comes straight from nature instead of man-made chemicals, but it also saves me tons of cash every month. 

So how exactly do these things work? Is there any truth behind claims that Sodastream makes us healthier? Does it actually help cut down our monthly expenses? Let’s find out… 

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Does SodaStream really save you money?

I know what you might be thinking right now: “Surely it can’t be true.” And you would be absolutely correct. There are plenty of companies who claim that their products are “affordable alternatives” to other brands, which often end up being expensive. 

So is this the case with Sodastream too? Well let’s put it into perspective. 

Sodastream costs quite a bit just to get started (you can see the current pricing by clicking here).  However, you don’t need to buy it new though. If you want to try something before committing to purchasing it, then you should definitely go ahead with a trial run. 

For example, I bought mine used through eBay because I didn’t think I’d ever end up liking it enough to justify spending full price. 

It wasn’t until two months later after trying it out for a while that I decided to commit to ordering a new one online. After paying $8 for shipping, I realized how great having a fresh drink without breaking the bank is. 

My coworkers always complimented me on the fact that it tastes so good, especially during those hot summer days when everyone wants to take a break outside. 

As far as pricing goes, here’s where we start getting into savings territory. When purchasing the original Sodastream machines, the minimum amount required to begin making your very own bubbly beverage varies but is currently over a hundred dollars. That means you will start off spending a decent amount up front. 

However, once you make the initial purchase you will still have to purchase the carbonating cylinder every 60 liters of soda or so. So how much does that mean it will cost you to make soda using the Sodastream Machine? 

According to the New York Times, Sodastream will cost you approximately .30 per liter to make flavored soda (not including the original purchase price). So if you typically pay $2 for a 2 liter of soda then you will save about $1.40 per 2L that you drink. 

At a savings of $1.40 per 2L the Sodastream will take you approximately 100-120 2L bottles to pay for the original purchase price. Since the average American drinks about 85 2L of soda a year a family of 4 would pay for a Sodastream with these savings in just under 4 months. 

So, based on those numbers, the Sodastream will absolutely save you money! 

Now if you don’t drink as much soda as the average American (or if you drink more) you can adjust those numbers as needed. Or if you drink flavored water that is more expensive than that you can adjust the numbers as well. 

Ultimately, you have to do the math for you and your family but for the average family in the USA that has an average soda drinking habit they will save a substantial amount of money by purchasing a Sodastream. 

On top of saving money, another main perk of owning a Sodastream is that it helps reduce waste. Instead of throwing away empty cans, plastic bottles, etc., you can simply reuse the Sodastream bottles over and over again. As a result, you’ll see fewer trash bins overflowing, plus you won’t spend extra money on disposing items at home. 

In addition to reducing clutter, Sodastream reduces greenhouse emissions since it uses natural gas rather than petroleum based bottles. Plus, the company offers a variety of eco-friendly cleaning solutions designed specifically for the machine. 

Lastly, Sodastream gives consumers the ability to customize their products. While most soda manufacturers stick to a formulaic process, Sodastream allows users to choose between a variety of different flavors Some customers opt for organic options too. 

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How Much Money Does SodaStream Save?

One thing to note is that Sodastream isn’t cheap. When compared to buying 2L bottles from the store you will spend a lot more money upfront on a Sodastream machine and flavors, however overtime you can quickly pay for your Sodastream and then some.  

As mentioned above you can expect the Sodastream to save you $1.40 per 2L of soda that you typically consume. So if your family drinks one 2L of soda a day (which is pretty low for a family) you will save $511 a year by using a Sodastream instead of buying 2 liters. 

And those numbers are based on buying the cheaper 2 liters. 

If you typically buy 20oz bottles, cans, etc.instead of 2 liters then you can expect to save even more with your family by using a Sodastream. 

What sets the brand apart from others is that it provides a ton of value. Despite having a large upfront cost, as long as you replace your soda habit with the Sodastream you will save money and a lot of it. 

Overall, Sodastream truly deserves praise for helping its loyal fanbase stay healthy financially while also helping them to drink healthier as well. 

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Is a SodaStream worth it for sparkling water?

Okay, so we have compared Sodastream to buying soda (since that is what most of us drink) but what about if you just drink sparkling water? Is it still worth buying in that case? 

If you drink a generic sparkling water (such as the Walmart one) you can expect to pay between .65 and $1.00 per liter. If you purchase the cans of flavored sparkling water you will spend $1.30-$1.50 per liter. 

So, assuming you purchase the generic sparkling water at an average cost of .75 per liter you will only save .45 per liter you make with the Sodastream. That equates to a savings of $306 per year when using a Sodastream instead of buying the generic sparkling water (assuming you drink the average of 170L per person and have a family of 4). 

So, although you won’t save as much money with a Sodastream if you normally buy generic sparkling water you will certainly save enough money to make purchasing one worthwhile. 

If you have a smaller or larger family (or don’t drink sparkling water all that often) then it might not be worthwhile for you to buy one for you or your family. However, if you are an average sparkling water drinker then it is certainly worth getting for your family. 

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How Long Does A SodaStream Cartridge Last?

Each Sodastream unit contains an internal replaceable container known as a cartridge. Once purchased, cartridges must be installed onto specific devices in order to function properly. 

The Sodastream cartridge needs to be replaced after making about 60L of beverages (depending on how much carbonation you have your system set at). Since the average American drinks 170L of soda per year you will need a new cartridge approximately every 4 months for a single person household. 

If you have a family of four that all drink carbonated beverages then your Sodastream cartridge will likely only last about one month before needing to be replaced (based on the average person’s drinking habits). However, if you and your family have more or less members or drink more or less carbonated beverages then the exact amount of time that your cartridge will last will vary according to that. 

Make sure to inspect your Sodastream regularly for signs of wear and tear. At times, you might notice hairline cracks along the edges, which indicate damage caused by improper handling. Don’t hesitate to contact customer service to schedule repairs immediately. 

To see the current prices for the Sodastream and the different options available just click here. 

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