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bathroom storage ideas for a dollar

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Bathroom Organization always seems to elude me.  You too ? I mean take the smallest room in the house and pretty much some of your most important items are stored there!  Take into account I don’t even have a closet in my bathroom and the struggle is beyond real!  My bathroom is also the one that any guests would use if they dare!  You see when people come to my house they leave thinking how wonderfully beautiful organized THEIR homes are! Was that just way too much information for me to share?  Maybe.

bathroom storage diy on a budget

Dollar Store Bathroom Organization Hacks 

So, I was juggling around all the ‘necessities’ from my bathroom vanity area to clean and stuff is just tumbling down, tipping over and I was getting really frustrated.  For me, that’s sometimes what it takes, getting frustrated with what is a simple affordable fix. I swear I create my own chaos (oh, i know i do!!).  Off to searching for some solutions and here are a few I ADORE.  I just had to share them here with you because well, they’re so affordable AND ‘neat’ literally!

(For your reference, a whole lot of these items can be found at Dollar Tree Store here  and  Dollar General here )

dollar store bathroom organization hacks


Mason Jar Storage Containers   Who does’t love the versatility of Mason Jars, right?!

mason jar toothbrush holder

Really who doesn’t love hidden storage and organization.  It’s all ‘behind’ your shower curtain but easy to reach.  Got kids, put one lower for their stuff!  Shower Rod & Hook Storage

shower organization hack


We all need some help with those ‘little’ easily lost items. I’m thinking Tweezers, clippers, elastics, hair clips, even skin care samples.  Recycled Container Storage Bins

repurpose containers


O.K. I have to admit, I’ve been admiring this hack for a long time!  I finally figured out if I just go smaller for my vanity and stick some no slip stickies on the bottom I can make it work with my small vanity top!  Pretty sure I even have some old ‘ish’ plates and candle sticks already too! Score!!   (or check out thrift stores, dollar stores, yard sales).  Candle Stick & Dinner Plate Caddy

bathroom on a budget


This is a trick I’ve actually used in my hall closet and you know what? It works!!  Can I tell you, I have been using these plastic basket storage items for more than 15 years now!  Game Changer on a budget! Plastic Basket Drawer Organization

bathroom drawers budget organization hack

Nothing lazy about this!  These are work horses all over the house and why I have not thought of using it under my bathroom sink?!!   You know what I’m off to buy today, don’t you.  Growing up my mom had these in the fridge and in the kitchen cabinets.  We even had one on the kitchen table for salt n pepper, napkins, condiments!  Like I said, nothing lazy about a lazy Susan!  Lazy Susan Under Sink Storage

bathroom storage hack

Did you know you can purchase from places like Dollar Tree and Dollar General online? Well, of course you can!

Need some more easy organization ideas and on budget for inspiration ? check these posts out upcycle ideas that are repurposed to help you get organized!  

Wondering if I’ll ever get my bathroom organized?  I may need your nudge on my bathroom organization quest haha.  I am a notorious procrastinator!

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I love when we can find common struggles and work together to try and come up with creative, realistic and affordable ways to achieve our goals together!  Come back soon y’all !


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