Dollar Store Parent Hacks You’ll Love

dollar store parent hacks

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Dollar Store Parent Hacks are the best!  You only need go in with an open mind or heck even ask parents what they’re doing with all that stuff in their carts haha!  Trust me, they aren’t doing 25 loads of laundry when you see them walking out with all those plastic bins!  Do you have your favorites you hit up the dollar store or dollar aisle for?  These bargain basement goodies have loads of useful purposes.  Let’s see what we came up with today.

dollar store parent hacks
  • Craft Organizer For Hair Accessories.  I don’t know about you but as a mom and step-mom of girls, losing elastics, barettes, hair trinkets was the worst!  Try telling a 4 year old you don’t have her favorite daisy or puppy hair tie!  For a dollar, you’ll save hours of searching and lots of money not having to replace as many misplaced hair trinkets.
hair accessory organizer
  • Buckets For Art Supplies.  So, well, this one is more for me than the kids haha. I am a craft addict and have been searching for a great way to have often used supplies within arms reach.  This fits the bill perfectly!
art supply organization
  • Mesh Bag For Sand Toys.  Oh the sand!!  Drop those toys in and shake shake shake the sand out before it hits the carpet in your car.  Easy enough to fill up with loads of great fun toys and affordable enough to get each child their own.
beach toys
  • Ice Packs From Kitchen Sponges.  Now These!  Oh yes, not only are they fabulous for keeping things chilled but open up one or two of those bags and use for quick clean up too!  Great for fist aid too!
first aid ice packs
  • Soap Boxes For Card Games. Growing up we played cards everywhere……………..  front steps, beaches, pools, parks.  Great activity for rainy days too!  Keep the cards from getting lost in these nifty soap holders, they’re a perfect fit!
outdoor card games
  • Discovery Bottle Out Of Water Bottle.  How much fun is this?!!  And well, this one caught me by surprise.  I’ve got a pretty good imagination when shopping in the dollar stores, but never would have thought of this!  Brilliant!
diy discovery bottle
  • Burner Covers Into Art.  How much fun could these be?  I can think of a ton of ways they can be painted, decoupaged.  Then hung up and re-arranged to suit your mood!  I’m so grabbing a bunch of these babies next dollar store shop!
burner cover art
Dollar Store Hacks

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