How To Do Easy DIY Canvas Art ~ Heart ~ Thumbprint

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I bet you had no idea I have an inner craft side! I have a secret art side too!  I can’t help myself sometimes and well, I’m trying to curb my ‘craft budget’ habit (it’s been known to get out of control).  This is a super affordable craft and looks like a professional custom piece! Well, because it is! It’s Art with Heart !

First, I have a confession to make! This was going to be a Valentines Day post, but really… life just gets away from me too danged fast lately. I have ideas just buzzing through my head like these:

Wedding Gift, Shower Gift, Write an inspirational word or phrase inside, even a personal love note inside blank area.  I love it blank, but well, I could really feel inspired to add some calligraphy text in there too! O.K., i’d have to stencil that in.

I’m so excited, my first craft post!!!  Ready?

thumbprint, finger print art


● 1 8×10 canvas  (oh, practice with kids on paper/ cardstock !!)
● 1 piece of cardstock (or a few if you want to do with kids directly on cardstock instead of canvas)
● Tape (easy peel/ painters tape works great!)
● 3 or more colors of craft paint (be sure age appropriate for kids)
● Paper plate
● Scissors ( I know… you know.. right? child safe scissors and/or adult supervision if doing with kiddos)


1.Begin by cutting your cardstock to the same length as your canvas. This way you can
ensure that the heart you cut out will not be longer than the canvas itself.
2.Fold the cardstock in half and cut out a heart by freehand. You can also print out a
template if you prefer, but the original look you get from making a freehand heart gives a
nice touch to the craft.
3.Tape down the heart to the center of your canvas. You can use any tape to do this.
4.Place each color of paint in a different portion of a paper plate. You will be dipping your
thumb into the paint, so make sure to spread the colors far enough apart so they don’t
5.Begin by dipping your thumb in one color of paint and place painted thumbprint marks all
over the canvas outside of the heart shape at various intervals.
6.Repeat step 5 with the remaining two colors of paint until the canvas is full of color
outside of your heart shape.
7.At the end, you can slowly peel up the tape pieces surrounding your heart shape and
place a painted thumbprint down so that there will not be a break in the heart shape
where the tape was.
8.Let your canvas dry and display as decor in your home or give it as a gift to a friend or
loved one.
thumbprint finger print art suppliesthumbprint finger print art supplies

What do you think?

easy diy canvas heart art thumbprint finger print affordable
What Color Thumb print/ Finger Prints will you do? Soooooo much Fun!

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