8 Easy To Make Budget Friendly Football Theme Treats

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football party treats

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!!  These frugal football treats will surely be a hit and jazz up that football theme party you’re having!  Be it a kids birthday, a grown up team party, tailgate snacks or an office team spirit day, these won’t break the bank and your fans will be lip smackin’ happy!

These are all pretty danged frugal football theme treats and most are super simple.  Gather the team and have them help you prep for the festivities!  I love football season and all the fun foods that go with game days!  Seriously, there’s something comforting about football weather too, cozy clothes and warm blankets and scarves!  Could life get any better?

Fabulously Frugal Football Theme Treats

1. Peanut Butter Football Dip

I could live on Peanut butter!  Well, peanut butter and chocolate!  This dip sounds like a peanut butter cup dip soooooooooo delish!!

2. Pretzel Footballs

Chocolate covered pretzels anyone?!!  Soooo easy and a plate or bowl full of YUM!

3. Caramel Footballs

Something about fall and caramel! Add in caramel footballs and well..   I adore how realistic the color is too!

4. Football Stadium Graham Crackers

Seriously!!  talk about goodness..  O.K. so I think I want to try this on poptarts!! Are you with me?! a brown sugar cinnamon poptart frosted like a football field would just be the best football day breakfast ever!

5. Football Brownies

Brownies have to be my biggest go to desert item to bring.  They freeze nicely and well, always on sale!!  plus if they get stale they make great layers for trifles! These are adorable and have me craving one right now.  I love the green sprinkles for grass here too!!

6. Football Whoopie Pies

My mom makes the BEST whoopie pies, I am so going to have to watch her and make these, maybe for work ? maybe not haha if they even make it that far!

7. Football Cookies

What a great idea to take cookies and turn them into a well, rally for your team!!

8. Mini Football Pies

See, Brownies are such versatile little bites of joy!!

So, are you ready for some FOOTBALL?  Heck, football practice counts as a good enough reason to make these!  Get in the spirit with some frugal football theme treats for you and your fans with all these yums!  But Wait.. there’s more.. scroll down for links to some fun football meal ideas!  (promise, they’re frugal too)

frugal football theme treats for your next team party

Don’t forget the meal!   Try our walking Tacos for great fun and scrumptuous meal!  or our Chicken Taco Salad for a healthier option!  or one of these mason jar salads .

11 mason jar salads

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