6 Tips On How To Feel Fancy On A Budget

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Fancy on a Budget sound too good to be true?  The misconception about budgets is alarming.  Many view budgets as limits on ways that they can spend their money….but, please, humor me and try thinking of budgets a different way.

To me, budgets are a way to pay for all the necessities in life and still have money left over the fun things, the “fancies”, if you will.  Budgeting is planning what you will do with your money. Simple. Smart. Sensible. Planning.

feel fancy on a budget

So, how does one feel fancy on a budget?

1. Treat yourself to an at-home spa day  

Yes, it’s a thing.  and It. Is. Amazing.  Being able to spa at home is awesome.  No waiting lines, no awkward conversations, no stranger touching my feet…I get to pamper myself, in the comfort of my own home, for little to nothing. 

How does one have an at-home spa day?  Give yourself a pedicure.  (Instant $30 savings every month!)  Soak in a bubble bath, grab a bottle of wine and a good book, and take your time relaxing.  No time limits at an at-home spa day! 

You can relax all day long if you want!

home spa pedicure

2. Buy yourself fresh flowers

I never realized the power of fresh flowers growing up, until one dreary day, I stumbled upon a bouquet of flowers discounted down to $5.  I bought them, took them home and they lived for another week, lighting up the room with their colors and fragrance.

Instant game changer for me.

Flowers are a must for any occasion.  Not only are they fancy, they are elegant and beautiful and add such a touch of class.  Stop by the local market and buy the discount bouquet.  They have so much life left in them to share with you!

fabulous for less

3. Buy Organic Fruit

I know what you are thinking…what does organic fruit have to do with feeling fancy?  EVERYTHING.  I love berries..They are full of flavor and are so bright and beautiful.  Organic can be super expensive, I get that.  However, tip to stay on budget?  Find out the days that your local market marks down their fruits.

You can get them super cheap and discounted and eat organic fruit like a king or a queen for several days!

organic fruits

4. Utilize your library

Some of the fanciest, most educated and classy people I know and admire are book lovers.  But..let’s face it, books are expensive and not all that practical to buy.  Instead of dropping $50 plus on books, head on over to the public library and check out what they have.  Looking to enhance your table manners?  There’s a book for that.  Want to learn about the different teas of the world?  Study it up.  Being fancy doesn’t always mean materialistic.  It can also mean being smart and well-educated about things in the world as well.

5. Buy cloth napkins to use at home

Nothing screams fancy like cloth napkins that you can reuse at home.  They are practical, cost saving and nice looking.  Setting at the dinner table and unfolding your cloth napkin into your lap before eating?  100% fancy.

6. Order appetizers at high-end restaurants

How often have you wanted to eat at a restaurant but have felt it is out of your price point?  Try this trick instead.  Don’t NOT visit a restaurant just because you feel that you can’t afford it…look and find ways that you can visit it instead.

Pull up their menu online before going and study it.  Do they have appetizers that you can try instead of paying full price for a meal?  Better yet, do they have some sort of happy hour where you can go and save even more money?

There is nothing wrong with going to a restaurant and having an appetizer only.  It’s a win/win for you buy getting to eat there, enjoying some delicious food and saving money as well!

eating gourmet on a budget

Staying within budget and feeling fancy at the same time is doable on so many levels.  Being fancy can mean so many different things.  Understand what fancy means to you, and then decide on how you can work it into your budget.  If your love of life and all things fancy involves pets, then think of how you can fit more “pet time” into your budget.  Look at volunteering your time at a shelter for more interaction (free!) or look into fostering animals in your home, where the shelter provides and pays for the food and equipment needed. (also free!)

When it comes to feeling fancy on a budget the sky is truly the limit.  Set your sights high and reach for that fancy pie in the sky!

Before y’all go.. I just want you to know how very happy it makes me to see you stop by, take a moment out of your busy lives to hang with Barefoot Budgeting even for just a moment.  I truly appreciate YOU !!

feel fancy on a budget

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