6 Tips For Fitness On A Budget

6 Tips For Fitness On A Budget

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One of the biggest concerns that you hear when someone talks about getting fit is that it is just too

expensive.  Gyms cost a lot of money and equipment for your home can be even worse.  But it doesn’t

have to be this way!

There are so many ways to get fit without breaking the bank.

Here are just a few ideas:

1. Walk!

Walking only takes you and a pair of shoes.  If you live in cold climate and require protective winter

clothing (AMAZON, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kohl’s) , you can still get full gear for less than $100


Don’t forget to use your Ebates!  Plus, walking is great for your heart and reduces stress.

2. Run!

Running might take a little more investment since you will want to have a good pair of shoes and

some wicking clothing (LINK AMAZON, Dick’s Sporting Goods).  Simply lace up, find a plan that is

right for you, and head out!

3. Pinterest Workouts!

We all have a great workout tool at our fingertips.  Pinterest is FULL of workouts that simply use

you.  Your own body weight with ZERO equipment required.  From my experience, sometimes these

are the best workouts to do.

4. YouTube! 

Search YouTube, WOW!  There is a TON of free videos to help you there.  I find searching, watching and then using suggestions to search some more, finding the one that resonates with me works best.

I don’t always find the perfect match the first time around, but don’t give up!

5. Play with your kids!

If you haven’t been around youngsters lately, I can tell you they are an active bunch.  Grab the kids

and head to the park.   Be an active participant.  Climb the monkey bars, do the Horizontal Ladder,

push the merry go round with the kids on it. 

You’ll be surprised how great of a workout you might get!

6. Purchase some basic equipment

If you’d like to have some equipment at your house, invest in smaller items that don’t cost a lot of


Jump Ropes, DVDs, Yoga Mats, Small Weight, and Kettle Bells can all be purchased for around $10

or less.  Be sure to shop through Ebates to get cash back!

These are just a few ways that you can get fit on a budget.  What are your best tips?

These statements are for informational purposes only.  Contact your doctor or physician before making any lifestyle or diet changes.

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