Genius DIY Cinder Block Decor Ideas

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Cincer block decor on a budget

Cinder Block Decor on a Backyard Budget

Cinder Block Decor is just a genius idea, right?!   There are some amazingly creative people out there and I adore their vision.  I don’t think there is a single one here that wouldn’t work at our home.  I mean, talk about sturdy and well, no need to move it indoors for the winter that’s for sure!  Cinder blocks are so much more useful and decorative than when just used as bed risers in dorms!  Let’s take a look and see what cinder block diy we can find for you today.  We’ve got some planters, benches, desks, grill glam and more all right here!

Easy Outdoor Plant Stand from

diy outdoor plant stant
diy cinder block L shape stenciled planter
cinder block raised bed

Cinder Block Decor is just about as popular as pallet diy’s these days but seriously asisde from the weight of the blocks, I find cinder block decor diy’s even easier. I also love the size factor, you can make a large area or small depending on your needs and space.   These beauties are close to indestructible too.  Some ideas are like grown up legos!!  I love the creativity you can use with placement then add some paint, a few personal touches and there you have it!

DIY Cinder Block Decor Projects on a budget
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I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention to y’all…. If you live in the Norolk County, MA area stop by and say ‘hi’ to my husband Andy and pick up some cinder blocks or make arrangements for a delivery. He’s at Gilmore’s !  or drop them a line on Facebook  aend say Kim from Barefoot Budgeting sent you!

If you’re digging into gardening this year, a kitchen garden may be just the place to start with one of the planters we shared here.  Are you looking to add some other home improvements on a dime, we’ve got you covered… snoop around but here are a couple, just click the pictures.

upcycle crafts
Dollar Store Hacks

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