5 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations 

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5 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations 

I don’t know about you, when I was a kid and even as an adult, one of my top two favorite holidays has long been Halloween.  Maybe it’s the fun or getting to be someone else for a day, night or well, there’s the candy too! Since we’ve moved I see few trick or treaters but still have vivid memories of the days I trick or treated in my old neighborhood in Dedham. Oh the anticipation and yes, the mischief!  These ideas are fun, on point for an awesome frugal DIY Halloween.  I just know you’ll find one or all of them perfect for your trick or treaters or just for yourself like me!  This year I’m really digging the skeletons, check out my Pinterest board ‘Halloween’, you’ll see what I mean haha!

easy diy halloween decorations

1- You can use any color ribbon you have laying around to make this Skeleton Wreath.

2- This Paper Bat Tree deserves a spot right on the middle of your dining room table.

3- These Giant Tentacles are made using just pool noodles, egg cartons and burlap.

diy halloween tentacle

4- The secret to these Hanging Spiders, is a just a simple helium filled balloon.

5- Grab some old and messy Barbies from the Goodwill or a yard sale and make Zombie Barbies.

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