How To Have An Indoor Office Scavenger Hunt

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How many times have you ever sat at your desk at work and just “wished” that there was a way that you could bring just a little bit more fun and excitement into your office? The good news is that making work “fun” doesn’t have to be hard. 

All you need is a little bit of imagination (and approval from your boss!), and you are well on your way to making the work day an absolute hoot! One of the best ways to kick off some office fun is to have an Indoor Office Scavenger Hunt! 

It’s simple, it’s interesting and it will have everyone in the office competing for fun prizes!

Indoor Office Scavenger Hunt Fun To Add Some Spice To Your Workday

Who says that work has to be all business and no play? This office scavenger hunt will change your mind!

Start Off By Creating A Scavenger Hunt List For Everyone In The Office.

Use your computer to create the list. How you do it is totally up to you! You can have pictures that are clues, phrases or even use little rhymes as clues as well. One example is:

“This item is packed full of dates, but not ones that can be eaten” – (answer: calendar)

For Co-Workers Who Want To Participate, Break Everyone Up In Teams.

It’s just easier from the beginning to have everyone already split up in teams. And have fun with this! Mix and mingle different departments that normally don’t work together so everyone has a chance to interact!

If your office is small, your teams should be smaller as well. You don’t want total chaos when everyone is searching for the items…or do you?!

Use The Office Layout To The Best Of Your Ability.

When creating the scavenger hunt, use every square space of the office as possible to be spread out. If there are multiple floors, it’s fair game! Any space that you can use to hide clues, do so! The more clues, the more fun, and the more fun means better employee morale!

Gather The Teams And Explain The Rules.

I know, I know…rules?! But in order for there not to be complete chaos, there have to be rules and boundaries established. Keep them simple and few if possible but some to consider setting would be: no running, no pushing (it happens!), no cheating, no going out of order of the clues and last, but not least…HAVE FUN!

Set A Time Limit And Actually Keep Track.

If you tell your co-workers that they have 15 minutes to complete the office scavenger hunt, then you need to make certain that you are keeping track of that time! The last thing that you want to happen is to have someone scream “unfair!” at the end of this harmless game because the rules that you set weren’t applied.

Every team that’s playing should be given one clue initially. Once they get their clue, they then come back and get their next clue and so on and on. That way, people aren’t just aimlessly running around and there is some sort of order!

Bring the excitement back to your office with this fun and hilarious Indoor Office Scavenger Hunt. If your co-workers are hesitant about it in the beginning, just give them some time to come around…Fun and excitement are contagious and before you know it, it’ll be the buzz of the office and all that people are talking about!

It’s time to take charge of the workplace fun and add a bit of spice back into the workday! This Office Scavenger Hunt is the perfect way to do so!

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