5 Ways To Make Extra Money For The Holidays (And Throughout The Year)

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Whether you’re on a strict budget and want to make extra money for savings or bills or just want to make extra money for holiday shopping this year, here are some great tips for making extra cash this year!

How To Make Extra Money All Year Long

1. Start a crafting business

If you have a hobby that you’d love to turn into a business, why not? Crafting businesses are becoming increasingly popular as people start to value handmade items more and it’s a great way to generate some extra cash for any reason you might need or want some! Be smart with your prices and you can really make some great profits!

2. Declutter

If you’ve got lots of unused furniture or items lying around the house, why not make a little extra cash? Sell your unused and unwanted items on local buy and sell pages or even on Craigslist or Ebay.

Consider hosting a yard sale if you have a lot of things you want to sell quickly. Even if you mark everything down to $1 and you have 200 items that sell, you can make extra money fairly quickly this way.

Yard sales can be tedious especially if you’re having to spend a long time sorting through things, but they can definitely be worth it!

3. Start couponing

Between using coupons and smart phone apps to save you money, this can be a great way to make extra money by spending less! Many smart phone apps offer rebates on grocery items that you might be buying every week.

This is unclaimed money just waiting to be redeemed by you, so spend a little time each week on these apps and you’ll be able to make extra money in no time!

4. Become a mystery shopper

There are lots of mystery shopper programs all over the US and a quick Google search can probably provide a few near you! In this case, companies will pay you to come in and “secret shop” them to grade their employees and business practices so they can review the data and see how their restaurants or companies are performing.

Usually they will pay for the meal or activity and then some, so it’s definitely worth looking into if you need to make extra money!

5. Pick up odd jobs

Even as adults, we can find odd jobs to make extra money throughout the year and for the holidays. Offer to mow lawns, help people pack and move, and other small things for a small fee to make extra money. You can also search around and see if any senior communities or other organizations might be looking for a teacher in something you’re good at.

For instance, if you can crochet, you might be able to pick up teaching classes at a local craft store. If you have another skill, you might be able to teach classes at the library. Search around and see what odd jobs you can find to make extra money, you might be surprised!

What kinds of things do you do throughout the year to make extra money?

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