Let’s Learn How to Shop for Free

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How to shop for free ? Did you read that right?  Yes lovely, you did.   Who doesn’t love a freebie, am I right? Many of us hate shopping simply because of how much it takes away from our family’s budget throughout the month. Even those of us who love shopping can recognize how beneficial it is to be able to shop for free to give other parts of our budgets a boost. Most die hard shoppers I know deal seekers.  

How to Shop for Free

So, how can you shop for free ?  Well, there are quite a few tips that can help you learn how to shop for free so I will add a couple of them for you here:

Coupons.  Coupons may seem insignificant when they are for $0.25 or $0.75 off, but there are ways to make them worth more than their posted value.  It’s always best to pair the coupon with a sale price to get the price down as low as possible.  Some stores offer coupon doubles which doubles the value of the coupon (typically up to a specific value like 99 cents up to $1.98), others offer store coupons that can stack with the manufacturer’s coupons to get them down to zero, and other times you may find the item that you are shopping for in the clearance section (I have gotten so many free items this way). 

Did you know we have a coupon database right here!  Yes indeedy my friends.  Search what you’re looking for and voila! 

             tip:  use your search engine and search ‘ coupon matchups for _____ (put in name of store) hit enter and voila! That’s pretty much how I got started and found my favorite sites. 

eSavings.  These are like coupons, however more of a cash back savings and some can be ‘stacked’ WITH coupons making them super valuable.  Using Apps like Ibotta, CheckOut51, ReceiptHog.  Also, on occasion Savingstar (more of a coupon app) offers freebies.  Always always always load to card any store savings too! 

I sometimes get $50 off $250 or more at my grocery store.  I shop only every 4 –  6 weeks now, I can totally take advantage of these in a big way! Stack those with other coupons and savings and well..  it’s like printing money but it’s all legal! 

Here, i’ll even share the links with you, now does that get any easier?   

shop for free

Join your store club or rewards programs.  Have you signed up for your store club rewards program yet?  Just this morning I got 2 free cans of soup because they were free offers on my store rewards card.  I get these types of offers several times each month.    Need more motivation? I’ve gotten free coffee (cups and entire half gallons or dry coffee by the full container) , ice cream, yogurt, vegetables, personal care products, even clothes!

Earn Gift Cards.  Did you know that just for doing some simple things online, you can earn free gift cards to big retailers? Sites such as Swagbucks offer you rewards for doing simple things such as surfing the web, doing surveys, watching videos and even printing coupons!  You can trade in these Swagbucks for gift cards for places such as Staples, Sears and more. 

free gift cards

tip:  here’s a whole post on how to earn free gift cards for Amazon!                 

Sign up for eNewsletters.  This little trick is great one when you first start learning how to shop for free!  Plus, it works for more than just your favorite grocery store.  Sign up online for the newsletter for your favorite retailers or even restaurants and you will often be rewarded with free stuff or coupons for discounts.  

Follow Retailers Social Media accounts.  Be sure to follow the social media accounts of your favorite retailers and restaurants, many companies use these platforms to offer coupons and free offers.  Twitter, Facebook, even Pinterest and let’s not forget Instagram

Check the fine print. Look on receipts and in emails.  Often times when you redeem an offer they send a notification and let you know of a freebie you’re eligible for.  Sometimes it’s immediate and on your receipt.

Follow me on Pinterest!! I have a whole board dedicated to only free offers!  I’m right here just click n follow.

Enter Contests, yes the easy ones.  Did you know there are any number of countless blog give aways each and every day.  The odds of winning prizes, gift cards and more are much higher than playing a lottery or national contest.  Blogs work with sponsors to bring these opportunities to readers just like you.  Oh and yes, I have a board on Pinterest for those too, just follow me and check Pinterest now and then and you’re good to go.

What is your favorite how to shop for free shopping trick?

Before you dish your secrets, I wanted to let you know how thankful I am today that you’re here.  I love knowing we’re together in life learning ways together.  Ways to save and earn, fun tips while still smart simple and sensible.  Your stopping by means the world to me.  Until we meet again……………………

how to shop for free

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