Mason Jar Chicken Taco Salad

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If you’re following our favorite trend as of late (mason jar recipes), then you’ve probably seen a few that we shared here on the blog already! My personal favorite is the Mason Jar Berry Cake Trifle, but the Mason Jar Pulled Pork Salad is right up there with it! Check out those other recipes to add to your repertoire as well! Today, we’ll be sharing a Mason Jar Chicken Taco Salad recipe with you!

This is one of my absolute favorites to throw together because it’s extremely easy to use up leftovers in a salad like this or things that you’ve gotten from the market that need to be used sooner rather than later! You’ll notice that the ingredients in this recipe are specific, but I usually change them up week to week based on what produce I got on sale or need to use up before it goes to waste. In trying to stick with meal planning and budgeting.  Utilizing all food I buy is very important. These mason jar recipes and this Mason Jar Chicken Taco Salad help me avoid food waste all the time!

This Mason Jar Chicken Taco Salad recipe is perfect for those summer lunch ideas - it's healthy, stores well, and works perfect for meal planning with leftovers!

If you haven’t made the plunge for mason jars yet, I highly recommend some wide mouth mason jars. These are great and allow for more room and organization for mason jar salads and we’ll also be sharing some other recipes coming up that call specifically for wide mouth mason jars! If you don’t want to buy more mason jars, this recipe will of course work with any mason jar that you have!

This Mason Jar Chicken Taco Salad recipe is perfect for those summer lunch ideas - it's healthy, stores well, and works perfect for meal planning with leftovers!

As we dive deeper into meal planning here on the blog, feel free to join us in our Facebook group where we share lots of deals and meal planning ideas! Check out our Pinterest for recipes, meal planning ideas, and frugal living tips! These salads are perfect for meal planning because you can make several at once and they store well in these sealed mason jars – keeping them fresh instead of soggy by the end of the week! I highly recommend packaging any sauce that you decide to use separately for both this and the other mason jar salad recipe mentioned above! (if you must. put the wet ingredients on bottom) This will prevent the sauce from leaking down and making everything soggy. If you’re worried about trying to eat out of a jar at work, just take a bowl with you and mix and dump your salad into a bowl! The freshness is definitely worth using the mason jars in the first place.

Mason Jar Chicken Taco Salad

Mason Jar Chicken Taco Salad

This recipe is healthy, delicious, and easy to make and store for weekday lunches! 

  • 3-4 oz shredded chicken
  • 1-2 handfuls spring mix lettuce
  • 1/2 small can corn
  • 1/2 avocado ((chopped))
  • 1/2 cup shredded fiesta blend cheese
  • 2 tbsp fresh salsa
  1. Layer the ingredients, putting the meat at the bottom, lettuce above it (to keep it from getting soggy), and then toppings. Save the dressing until right before serving in a separate container to avoid sogginess! 

  2. Enjoy when you want!

What other ways do you use mason jars? Share your favorites in the comments below! Got a Recipe you’d like shared here, send me a message and we’ll get on it!


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