7 Easy To Make DIY Mason Jar Gifts And Favors

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Mason Jar Gifts and Favors

Ever Just stuck on what to get someone?  That’s usually my hint that a gift or favor handmade is the better choice.  It’s also the more frugal choice.

Mason jar gifts and favors have a huge range of appeal for all kinds of ages and styles.  Talk about affordable, functional and re-usable, re-purposable (is this a word?).  I’m sure by now you know I have a fascination with mason jars. 

My house is often filled with them getting ready to can/ preserve foods from seasonal items we grow in the garden.  I love saving a few extra’s here and there, especially the old ones from thrift stores or ones I may have inherited from friends. 

They’re so great for plants, organizing, storage and yes…………….. today we bring you Mason Jar Gifts and Favors !  Tell me you wouldn’t smile if you had one of these gifted to you!

1. Pedicure In A Jar

These are precious and great for gifts and super adorable for favors for showers or even a young girl’s birthday! 

mason jar gift

2. Pork Rub Seasoning

Really, let’s not forget the guys!  Or any of your foodie friends!  

mason jar gift

3. Cherry Oat Scones

Speaking of foodie friends?!  I am seriously having a craving for these right now!

mason jar gift ideas

4. Terrarium

Now most would love a plant for a gift, then there’s me who is houseplant challenged.  BUT.. terrariums are pretty much foolproof and you can really make these into beautiful little gifts right from your own clippings!  Score on the savings !!

mason jar gift ideas

5. Gel Air Freshener

These are fabulous! You can completely customize this to the person you want to give it to or your favorite scents to go along with a party theme if given as a favor.

6. Mini Bar In A Jar

Well, need I say more!  you could theme this one too ! Great fun for grownups to get a free drink!

7. Sewing Kit Jar

I could sooooooooooooo use a few of these!  One for work, one for my car, one for home and yeah.. one to send along with my husband to work!  Nothing quite like a great go to sewing kit to keep nearby!  For real, people will LOVE you for this!

Mason Jar Gifts

As I’m doing these posts I’m about to be knee deep in mason jars of all sizes for canning and preserving our garden goodies, but I’ll no doubt come across a few extra jars by end of season and while they’re out I may as well start digging into the holiday chores, right?  Think thrift stores for these babies too as well as out of the box ideas like pickle jars, baby food jars are great for jar gifts!  I’m sure you’ve gotten a few uniquely packaged gifts in the past and though, Why didn’t I think of that?!

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