DIY Mason Jar Makeovers

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mason jar makeovers

Mason Jar Makeovers have me totally facinated these days.  I know I’m going to be digging out all the boxes of jars for preserving any day now and inevitably there are some that aren’t in perfect shape for canning / preserving.  Being ‘one of those’ people who just hates to part with something that has a second or third life, I am always looking for ways to keep these functional even in a fun or fashionable way.

Mason Jar Makeovers

Truly, there is not much more as versatile, durable and timeless as a mason jar.  They’re great for preserving of course!!  I also love mason jar makeovers  for fun deserts, mason jar salads and well, even for craft sharing with kids!   You’ll wow the crowds with these and the ones here today!

  • Mason Jar Succulents.  Looking for a planter to coordinate with your decor or one as the perfect give designed to their favorite colors? Look no more!  For real, these would make fabulous shower favors too!
succulents in mason jars
  • Metallic Mason Jars.  This mason jar makeover is all about the glitz and glam. Try these for  a touch of class in your decor or even for outdoor vases.  How pretty would these be as a tablescape around the holidays.
mason jar makeovers
  • White Glitter Mason Jars.  How pretty would these be in colors coordinated with your party, holiday, event.  Add in some of your favorite sprigs for more of your personality to make it a day to remember.
mason jar crafts
  • Pineapple Mason JarJust Cuteness and no need to rush out for yet another plastic pot that doesn’t match your taste. Mason jar makeovers don’t need to be without a sense of humor.
mason jar makeovers
  • Mason Jar Drinking Glasses.  Now seriously, this one I need to do.  Over the years my small glasses have dwindled down and we’re using coffee mugs for juice these days.  What I super love about these is yeah, you can put a cover on and take it to go!

mason jar makeovers
  • Mason Jar Vase.   I adore old jars and the white colors for that garden fresh look.  These blooms are well, can’t you just smell them.  I kinda feel like they’re stealing the show, but really the vases are giving them a chance to be center stage!
decoratie mason jar vase makeover

I know I said I have a stash of mason jars.  I mean if I counted in the rafters of my garage I’d have to say over 100!  Don’t rush to buy new ones, really if you ask around to your gardening friends you’ll find there are some we just can’t use for preserving because of small chips on rims of glass (not recommended for the drinking glasses)  that are perfect for upcycling into vases, planters, etc..  Thrift stores and yard sales are a great place to find these beauties too and when you get lucky you can even find some of the older styles.

Some other ideas for old mason jars (let’s be real here, you can use other glass jars too, just remember the glass is usually not as thick)

  • Add Fairly lights to inside of painted jar (battery operated) for some ambience indoors or out.
  • Add sand to bottom, some shells then push a candle into sand for a beachy atmosphere
  • Wrap 1/3 with twine and glue for a rustic looking vase.

Oh, there are enless amounts of ideas, just check out pinterest and youtube!

mason jar makovers

Looking for something for the children to craft up while you’re working on your Mason Jar Craft? Try these Kid Friendly Mason Jar Crafts.

mason jar kid crafts

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