DIY No Sew Curtains You Can Make on a Budget!

diy budget friendly no sew curtains

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No Sew Curtains You Can Make on a Budget!

No sew curtains are something I’ve been wanting (well, needing) to do for a while.  If you knew the struggles I had with threading a sewing machine you’d completely get why I go on the hunt for ANY craft or home decor improvement that does not involve a sewing machine!  It’s honestly a bit embarassing. My Grandmother and all my great aunts sewed pretty much everything in their homes and clothes too.  My mom did lots of sewing when I was growing up.  Heck, even my daughter can sew!  The struggle is real.  So, this brings me to my hunt for inspiration for much needed curtains in my home and I mean EVERY single room!!

diy no sew curtains

These Roman Shades are perfect for front doors (back doors, garage doors) and add a bit of privacy.

You can turn an old flat sheet into a curtain with this easy tutorial.

no sew curtain with sheet

If Boho like I love Bhoho and this is more your style, you will love these Boho Curtains.

diy no sew curtains boho chic

Got an old tablecloth sitting around? You can make tablecloth curtains with it!

diy no sew curtains with table cloth

This easy DIY curtain only takes ten minutes to make- wow! Yes, got company coming? 10 minutes! You read it right!!!

ten minute diy curtains no sew

Heat & Bond hem makes turning drop cloths into curtains a cinch.  My home is pretty much all neutrals and this is the perfect inspiration for me plus well, dropcloths!  If I get sick of them I can use for another project.

no sew drop cloth curtains
No Sew Curtains are my new obsession!

So, whatcha think?  I can pretty much do all of these and have fun going through some old sheets or hunting the sale bins at some of my favorite fabric stores or even find some table cloths at thrift stores.  You know your friends and family are all going to notice the change and maybe not know what it was at first, so enjoy the oohs and ahhhhs and yes, you can make your own curtains now too (without a danged sewing machine!).

Want to add a little extra pizzazzzzzzzzzzz with some DIY No Sew Pillows? Check these out for inspiration. It gets cool in the winter months and a great way to save and add some color is by making your own throws, check out some of our no sew fleece projects for some diy inspired ideas.

Thanks bunches for stopping by, I hope y’all found some great ideas and ways to save money on updating your decor!

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