Repurpose Household Items For A More Organized Home

repurposed household items

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Repurpose Household Items For A More Organized Home

I bet y’all could repurpose household items right now. Why aren’t you? Hmmm, maybe you just need a little nudge to your imagination ? Most of these are so super easy and well, can you say FRUGAL?!   Being a good budgeter is much more than knowing where your money is coming from and going to.  It’s about making wise decisions with where you truly ‘need’ to spend.  Upcycling items into useful and decorative home items are a great way to reduce your footprint as well as save a LOT of moolah honey!  Keep your eye on supply costs by borrowing or sharing with friends. Buy paints in ‘mistake’ sections of stores. Post in yard sale sites ISO (in search of).  So, what are you thinking you may want to try your hand at? Here’s some fun and penny pincher ideas for you to check out.

repurpose household items for more organization

1- Coffee tables are so over priced. With this DIY you can turn some old crates into a coffee table. I see these at yard sales and you guessed it, curbside for trash pick up too.  Built in storage or seasonal decor makes this  huge plus over plain  coffee tables.

repurpose crates into coffee table

2- Phone cords all over the place are annoying. Solve the issue by making a cell phone charging
holder out of a lotion bottle.  I could seriously use this at work too!  Maybe make a bunch and give them out as office holiday treats ??

(we’re sorry. it seems this website/blog is no longer online. Please use this great idea as inspiration)

upcycle plastic bottle

3- Turn plastic flower pots into high end decor with this simple how to!  I love almost any outdoor diy and well, what a fancy schmancy place would this be to hide-a-key.

easy diy planter

4- A vintage crate can become a magazine holder in just a few steps.  Hang one up in a family area for fashionable place to cut down on table top clutter. Are you thinking where I’m thinking?

magazine holder upcycle repurpose

5- You can turn an old TV cabinet into a beautiful and functional kitchen cabinet. Style and Function makes this a hands down winner in almost any home or every room in every home ! Ever wonder how those home shows get those customized designer looks? They repurpose, upcycle, diy!!

diy tv stand repurposed

6- If you have an old guitar case laying around you can make a gorgeous jewelry holder.  This!!  I love what a rock’n piece of wall art this makes while serving as a super efficient organizer.  I am thinking WOW as a spice rack in the kitchen.  Now that would make a custom look !

easy diy guitar case shelf

See that Adorable Trendy pineapple in the right hand corner above?  Pick up a plastic or wooden one and paint it yourself. Voila!

repurposed household items

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