How To Start a Business with No Money

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So you want to start a business but you don’t have any money? You’re not alone as many people have found themselves in the same boat and the good news is, there are ways you can start a business even if you don’t have any money to invest or spend at the start. We’re going to show you a few examples of how to start a business with no money.

start a business with no money

Make something – You can create something yourself and then sell it online (or off in many cases) and make money. For example, if you’re good at crafts, you could make something or you could draw or paint pictures. You could create organic lotions or oils. There are many different options for you to make things by hand and sell for money. Sell these on Etsy, eBay, YardSales or start your own Facebook group and some Facebook selling tips too.

Sell off junk – Do you have some stuff around the house you no longer need? You could sell them on Craigslist or eBay to start a home-based business. Once you’re all out of things to sell, you can use that early money you earned to buy other things to resell for profit. You can go to yard sales, flea markets, and other places to find great deals on items people no longer want. Bonus points if you can spend a little time fixing them up so you can sell them for even more.

Become a reseller – Another option to start a business when you have no money is to become a reseller. You can do drop shipping, for example, and you never have to have any actual inventory on hand. When customers place orders, they will ship directly from the warehouse of the manufacturer or drop-shipping company.  A great place to do this would be Amazon. Check Out this post.

Sell services – A very popular way to start a business with no money over the Internet is by selling your services. Is there something you are an expert at? Could you be a virtual assistant? Are you a writer? Or maybe an artist or graphic designer? Teach others a skill you are good at.  Other services that cost no money to start up are house/ apartment cleaning, dog walking, shoveling, mowing lawns (bring your own or use theirs). Take advantage of the skills you already have and sell your services. It won’t cost you anything to get started.

Join a Direct Sales Company –  Many companies still give you the opportunity to earn a start up kit for hosting a party.  Here is a whole list of free and low cost Direct Sales Companies (and many can be online only sales)

There are also other options for you to get money to start a business such as crowdfunding, loans, and saving. However, you can start a business with little or no money using the options we listed above. If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own business, or if you are looking for ways to earn some extra income on the side or support yourself while disabled or after an accident or layoff, these are some good ideas to get you started.  Have you tried any of these before, which one interests you ?

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