5 Frugal Ideas For Thanksgiving Decorating On A Budget

decorating for thanksgiving budget friendly

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Thanksgiving Decorating can be challenging for sure! Trying to find space on an already crazy crowded table is in my opinion an art!  Throw into the mix your budget!!! But WAIT!!  This is seriously one of the easiest holidays to decorate for.

So many free inspirational pieces outdoors like pumpkins, twigs, colorful leaves, just let your imagination take you outdoors for inspiration.  If that doesn’t do the trick, I’ve rounded up a handful of super frugal and well, EASY diy tablescape or decorating ideas.

frugal thanksgiving decor

1. Use White Goards

These gorgeous White Gourds can be a table center piece or a wall accent.  Gourds can be found at farm stands, growing in your yard (maybe a neighbor has a few extras they grew), and grocery stores.  They come in all kinds of shapes and colors and they’re earth friendly to recycle after the feast.

I kinda like this Thanksgiving decorating idea and the possibility of keeping them up for a little while longer.

decorating with gourds

2. Use DIY Place Cards

These DIY Place Cards are super affordable to make and eco friendly.  REALLY, how easy is this!  Grab some twine or even some natural colored yard you have around the house.  Easy enough to pick up at a local hardware store or even borrow some from a friend.

This would be a project to take the kids outdoors and have them help pick up some branches from a recent windstorm or while you’re getting fresh air and maybe some yard work done.  The place cards themselves can be made with cards like these or think outside the box and write names on leaves.

diy table setting cards

3. Make A Doily Banner

Is your Thanksgiving decorating area large?  Try this Doily Banner. Super easy to make. You know, those paper doilies you put under cakes and cookies to make your plates look a little more fancy schmancy? These paper goodies are the basis for all kinds of wonderful crafts!

I love the idea of re-using some nice cloth ones, the kind we have left from our grandparents xo that are well loved with years of history and memories.  You can pick them up now and start your own memories and traditions too!  This banner idea is great for all kinds of holidays and parties!

diy banner on a budget

4. Fill Thanksgiving Balloons

If you have a family full of jokers, you have to make these Thanksgiving Balloons.  O.K. seriously, this is too FUN to not do!  Imagine some fun balloon games to end the day too!

When I saw these I thought what a great idea to also put some ‘Thankful’ notes inside a few too.

thanksgiving balloons

5. A Wheat Bundled Centerpiece

This Wheat Bundled Centerpiece is super easy and almost free to make, but it will look like you spent a ton.  This table piece is just the image of Thanksgiving decorating to me.  Living in New England seeing wheat grass growing on the side of the road is pretty common and I always see people wading around marsh areas trying to score themselves a bundle or two.

This reminds me of Thanksgiving pictures in books as a child.  Something about it makes me feel grounded and warm and comfy, satisfied.

frugal table decor

Final Thoughts

Setting the tone for Thanksgiving is part of the day, sets the pace for the mood, atmostphere and quite honestly can change a humdrum day to a festive thankful and festive day.  While the focus of Thanksgiving seems to go all to the food, a great atmostphere can go a long way to making the day more memorable.

Looking for more affordable ways to spruce up your home, check out our no sew pillows !  Quick AND Easy I promise.  We may have something you like here in one of our upcycling posts.

Whether you celebrate with family or friends, strangers or co-workers, my wishes are for you to find something to be thankful for in each day every day.

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