The Power of the Mind: Inspiration for Positive Changes

The Power of the Mind: Inspiration for Positive Changes

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Our mind is a powerful thing; so powerful, in fact, that many of us have no clue the power we have within ourselves. Our minds are capable of great and powerful things that we may only scrape across in our lifetime, but as life goes on, our mind’s will be used in ways we never thought possible.

Did you know we only use about 10% of our brain at any given time? That leaves 90% of our brain not in use most of the time we are thinking breathing, and going through life. That is a lot of brain power for positive change. Instead of sitting back hoping life will get better, you can create a positive change through the power of your mind!

Think Positively about Life

Our greatest downfall in life is thinking negatively. It is so easy to see the wrong going wrong while we completely forget to focus on anything positive. If you want positive changes, you have to always think about the positive outcomes in life. Everything happens for a reason; good or bad. We can use our circumstances and think positively about them. When we take a positive outlook on life, positive things tend to come our way. Not just because we have better luck, but because we train our minds to see positive more often.

Talk in a Positive Way

Talking negatively leads to negative thinking. However, positive talking leads to positive thinking. If we build others up, encourage others, and always speak positively to others, how can anyone of something bad to say about us? Our brains have the power to turn positive conversations into positive thoughts thus allowing us to feel better, happier, and all around more positive.

Make Positivity a Habit

Our minds are creatures of habit. They do and act based on the consequences of the past. If you make negative things a part of your life, your brain will desire negativity. On-the-other-hand, if you make positive changes a part of your life, your brain will desire

positivity. Train your mind to think only thoughts of happiness, healthy, prosperity, and success. If you outwardly think of these positive things, while weeding out as much fear and worry as possible, the thoughts you habitually think about will become your reality.

Be Positive in your Actions

Have you ever heard of “Pay it forward?” Pay it forward is doing something for someone else without expecting anything back in return. When you give a homeless person $5, take an elderly lady to the store, or watch your neighbor’s kids so she can get a break, you are being positive in your actions. Positive actions, tell your brain to focus on positive things which bring more positivity into your own life.

Pray or Meditate

Meditation is not just sitting in the middle of the floor humming to yourself, and praying doesn’t mean you’re asking a genie to help you. When you meditate or pray, you are focusing every part of your body on a thought. You are still, your body is still, and you are fully focused on the moment. When you train your brain to focus on positive changes as you pray or meditate, you train your brain to focus on positive changes in every part of your life.

Watch Positive Things

The television and internet are full of anything and everything, and the more we fill our minds with junk, the more negative we feel. If you notice that the news puts you in a bad mood, don’t watch it. Try to fill your television and internet with positivity. Look for inspirational quotes, movies with positive outcomes, or life changing events that make you say, “If they can do it, I can do it!” Get as much positivity into your brain as you can. The more positivity you watch the more positive changes that will come your way.

Smile More

Did you know it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile? Smiling is good for your mind, body, and soul. Never leave the house with a frown on your face. Smiling helps promote positive

thinking and helps others around you to think positively as well. The more you smile, the more positive your day will become.

Replace Negativity with Positivity

No matter how hard you try, life is bound to throw some curve balls your way. Instead of dwelling on the negative that happens, vow to replace any negative thoughts, actions, or happenings with something positive. Do something fun with your kids, color, or make one of your favorite dishes. Whatever makes you happy, do it and replace negativity with positivity.

The power of our mind lies in our thoughts. Our thoughts direct our minds toward the desired outcome. Basically, you attract what you focus your attention and thoughts on. If you can understand some of the power of the brain, you can attract positive changes to your life.

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