How to Thrift Store Flip Like a Professional

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How to Thrift Store Flip Like a Professional

So, you love to shop at thrift stores, huh?  How would you feel about making it your job? That’s right, I said thrift store shopping can be your job!  How could that be? Well throughout the United States, thrift shops and other used merchandise sellers are bringing in almost $20 billion per year!  I don’t know about you, but I was shocked by that number and I am thrilled to learn how much opportunity there is out there for resellers.  Otherwise known as a thrift store flip! 

Another bright side?  You don’t even need to set up a shop!  We live in this amazing time of technology, websites and apps and all you need is a computer and a phone or camera and you can have your own reselling gig!  For those of us who love to frequent and shop at thrift stores, reselling or “thrift store flipping” is the dream side hustle. This side hustle could even become a full time gig or at least bring you full time income.

I know you probably think I am bananas for thinking you can go shopping and turn it into a career, but it can be done!  

Flip Store Slip Like a Pro

Here are a couple of things to remember on your quest to thrift store flip like a pro:


  • Start.  Remarkably simple, right?  Not so much. Remember that you are headed to the thrift shop to see what you can resell, you are not there to buy yourself more stuff.  Like anything else in life, if you want to succeed, you need to make a plan and just start.


turn your thrifting into a business


  • Find deals.  Just because it’s in a thrift shop, doesn’t mean it’s a great deal.  Be sure that you are looking for the best deals you can find on items that you think have a market to be sold elsewhere.  

finding deals to sell online


  • Decide how you want to sell.  You can sell at yard sales, at flea markets, on local marketplace websites or sites like eBay.  You need to determine which you want to do. This is a huge factor in determining what you are going to resell. Perhaps you don’t want to ship anything at all and would prefer all of your sales to be in person.  Additionally, anything you sell online needs to be limited size and weight because the shipping fees make those larger items not very profitable.
  • Decide where you want to sell.  There are some great resources for reselling your thrift store flips, so you need to decide which of these resources you are going to utilize.  Are you going to sell on an app such as OfferUp or Letgo? Are you going to stick with the classics like Craigslist? Or, are you going to take your thrift store flips to high end consignment shops and sell there?  There are lots of possibilities out there, you just need to figure out what your preference is.

where is it best to sell used items


  • Learn how to take great pics.  Let me tell you that in order to succeed in a re-sale business, you need to learn how to take great pictures.  Search Google and watch Youtube for some good tips on how to take the best pictures. The better your pictures, the more people look at your ad, the better your chance at a sale.

taking pictures for online sales


These are a few tips to get you started in your thrift store flipping business.  In no time you’ll be able to Thrift Store Flip Like a pro with the best of them! Keep an eye out for more tips and tricks! Keep shopping smart, my friends!


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