Creative Uses for Free Toothpaste

uses for toothpaste

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Who else has a massive stockpile of toothpaste that you have gotten for free from all of your awesome couponing?  In case you aren’t really into couponing, or you are just getting started, toothpaste is one of the easiest things to get for free when using coupons and stacking deals.  My first big couponing score included 5 tubes of free toothpaste and it was then that I was hooked!   

uses for toothpaste

Creative Uses for Free Toothpaste

Anyway (I feel like I got a little off track there), if you too have a good supply of toothpaste, you may be surprised to learn that there are lots of great things that you can use your toothpaste for beyond just brushing your teeth!  Let’s learn all about those creative uses for free toothpaste now and take advantage of our stockpile!

Here are some creative uses for free toothpaste that you probably hadn’t thought of yet.

Polish your silver or chrome.  If you have any white toothpaste (not the gel or mixed kind), this works well for polishing your silver.  Just use a small amount of the paste and use a polishing brush to work it into the item.  Then rinse with warm water and dry with a soft towel.

Clean your shower door.  Use toothpaste and a damp cloth and rub into a circular motion on your shower door.  This breaks up the hard water stains and “fogging” effect that it creates.

Headlights.  Have you noticed how you car headlights can get foggy?  The mild abrasive of toothpaste will do wonders in breaking this down and getting them shined up like new.  Just wipe down the light so you have no dirt or debris, then put a dab toothpaste onto the headlight, rubbing it evenly throughout the light.  Once you have done the entire light, wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Sink cleanup.  Take your toothpaste and one of your free toothbrushes and get to work cleaning all of the nooks and crannies around your sinks and faucets.  They will shine up pretty well once cleaned like this.

Stain remover.  Use regular toothpaste just as you would a laundry stain remover and place a small bit of the paste onto the stain, scrub gently and then wash.

Pimple care.  Many, many people put a dab of toothpaste on the spot where they feel a pimple coming up.  Wear your toothpaste spot fixer overnight and you may wake up blemish free.  I have never tried this one, but would love to hear stories from those of you who have.

Car Headlights.  Yup, that grime that builds up, and the bug debris YUK.  Scrub on, Scrub off with that toothpaste and headlights will be bright as out of the factory!

Car scratches.  (test first on small area of your car as mfg paints have changed over the years).  Place a ‘small’ amount of toothpaste in a rag and ‘gently’ rub in circular motion.  Rinse off with water and scratch will be buffed out.  Key is a small amount and gently.

Sneaker Upgrade.  Got a pair of sneakers with a lot of life left but the white rubber is grey and seen better days.  Rub some toothpaste on in small curcular motion and good as new.. pearly whites for your soul(s).

Let’s not forget the fabulous toothpaste boxes!  

Pencil Holder.  Cut the top off or fold it under.  You can paint, cover in decorative paper or even cover in washi tape and use as a pen and  pencil holder!  or you guessed it, a toothbrush holder!

Mini Planter.  Lay on side, cut long side off, tape ends up snug.  Scoop a bit of peat moss in and use as a seed starter!

Stash Your Cash.  Great hiding place!!

You could use as a small box to wrap a gift in, some candies for a secret santa day at work maybe.  We did that one year. A gift a day, each gift had to equal a dollar or less, the secret Santa remained anonymous the entire time unless caught in the gifting.  Secret Santa is great for paying it forward year round and we’ve got loads of savings ideas for you here and in our facebook community to even make these freebie gifts!

Looking for some tips on how to use that FREE Mouthwash you scored?!  We’ve got some tips for that too!!

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