7 Ways To Save Without Coupons

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If you’ve hit a rough patch or just have goals for savings, but no time for couponing, have no fear! There are lots of ways to save without coupons and today we’re going to talk about some of the easiest ways to rack up some savings!

Couponing can take a lot of time, and if you’re just not ready to commit to that yet, these are great ways to save that take a little less time and are still worth doing!

Ways To Save Without Coupons - tips for saving money without having to use coupons!

1. Phone apps.

There are lots of phone apps that will allow you to save money and earn cash back on purchases that you’re already making! Check Ibotta for rebates (scan your receipts and unlock cash back rewards) and WalMart has an app too! Using the WalMart app, you can scan your receipt after each shopping trip and if the items you’ve bought are listed cheaper elsewhere, WalMart will give you money back in the form of WalMart gift cards.

There are lots of apps like this, so just find a few that you like to use and use them regularly. Typically it involves scanning your receipt, and sometimes the items you bought so sitting down after each shopping trip to take a few minutes and do this can really add up.

2. Gardening!

Gardening is a fantastic way to save without coupons. You likely won’t find many coupons for produce, but by growing your own, you’ll be saving a lot! Starter plants and seeds take an initial investment (although usually not very expensive) and the money you save over the course of the gardening season will be worth it!

If you have a big enough space, you could even sell some of your produce locally to earn some extra bucks.

3. Yard sales.

Ever want to buy some decor for your house but don’t want to pay top dollar? Scout out some local yard sales to see if you can find some decor that you like. Typically, people are willing to let their stuff go at a yard sale for extremely cheap!

This is a great way to save on decor without using coupons.  You can score some great kitchen items too (my favorite stock pot is worth around $100 but I got it at a yard sale for $2!)

4. Buy only what’s on sale.

When you sit down to meal plan every week, base your grocery list on what’s already on sale. This will allow you to save money every week with little to no effort! If you stick to only your grocery list when you’re shopping, you’ll be able to get exactly what you need and make sure you’re not putting out lots of food waste, and therefore losing money.  C

heck the flyers for the Buy and Save Sales (eg; buy 5 save $5) and Spend and Save Sales (eg; spend $15, save $5).

5. Buy store brands and check for clearance!

Most grocery stores have a section for clearance items, but some of them tend to be in random places that aren’t easily found. Scout your grocery store for their clearance section and be sure to shop it regularly.

In addition to that, store brands are typically cheaper and if you look at the ingredients they’re almost always exactly the same as the more expensive name brands!

6. Check the Drugstores!

Drugstores have grocery departments also and many great deals can be found at these stores, combined with in store sales and rewards you can really get some great deals on items you use regularly. 

7. Buy Discount Gift Cards!

Purchasing discount Gift Cards can reap some decent savings.  You buy a gift card to a local drugstore, grocery store and save ‘before’ you even shop.  My favorite site for buying and selling gift cards is Raise.  This isn’t news but I’m always surprised by how many don’t take advantage of simple instant savings. 

There are ways you can earn credits on Raise as well allowing you to save even more!  Check out my Raise link and get your bonus today!

All of these are great ways to save without coupons on your weekly or bi-monthly shopping trips! What other ways do you save without coupons? Let’s chat.

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