Writing To Companies For Coupons (Example Letters & 300+ Companies To Contact)

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How To Write A Letter To Companies for Coupons and Free Stuff; Example Letters Too

Have you ever thought about (or even heard of) writing a letter to get free coupons directly to the company? It’s pretty commonplace among avid couponers. In fact, most companies are happy to send along some coupons to anyone who writes!

Not all companies still do this but there are many that still do. So, how do you get free coupons? By asking (nicely) of course. An ask is always better if it comes with a complimentary note OR a complaint.

Here are a few tips on how to get free coupons from companies by simply writing a quick note. We’ll walk you through

  • How to find companies and contact info
  • how to write a letter (to get free coupons) that works
  • and sample letters to get free coupons and free stuff
  • list of over 300 companies/brands to get you started
  • Bonus at the end

1. Create A Separate Email And Check It Regularly

If you’re planning on writing to a few companies, it’s probably a good idea just to start a new email account separate from the one you regularly use. That way, you can keep everything in one spot, and any resulting “spammy” emails will be organized there instead of cluttering up your regular inbox. Of course, writing snail mail is always acceptable too! If you prefer to write a handwritten letter, absolutely do it!

2. How To Find Companies to Write Coupons

  • Shop your pantry, fridge, and medicine cabinets, laundry rooms, etc. On the packaging is contact information, usually with a website address, mailing address, and possibly phone number.
  • Go to the website and first look and see if they offer coupons in a tab you can click.
  • Hop onto the website and find the link with ‘Contact Us” (this is sometimes up top, but almost always can be found scrolling to the bottom).
  • Click the link to the Contact page and fill out the information completely.
  • Write or copy/paste your letter there. Hit send and wait 2 weeks before re-submitting if no response.

3. Be Genuine

If you’re writing a complaint letter, take it seriously as the company will too. Let them know what was wrong, where you purchased the product, when you purchased it, packaging information if you can, and if you’ve had other (better or worse) experiences with the product. Also include pictures if you have some that show what is wrong with the product. The same goes for a compliment! If you really love a product, let them know how long you’ve been buying it, why you love it, and it doesn’t hurt to include pictures of yourself or your family members enjoying it either!

3. Be Specific When Writing To Get Coupons And Free Stuff

  • Be detailed. Don’t just write to Morning Start that you love their veggie burgers. Tell them that you love their black bean veggie burgers. You love how quickly they grill up and the flavor is out of this world. After sharing these black bean veggie burgers at a cookout, now your family can’t get enough and wants to try other flavors!
  • Make it personal. Tell them how much you, your family, your friends, etc love their black bean veggie burgers.
  • Talk about a specific time you used the product. Let them know if the packaging was easy to get into, if you liked the design, how savory and easy to prepare the product was, etc.
  • Thank them for making the product. Be sure to tell them how much it improves your quality of life. ‘Makes eating healthier a breeze in my home’ Companies seem to really like the fact that they are making your life better.
  • Manners, remember please and thank you. “Thank you for taking time to read my letter”
  • Be truthful! Don’t make a complaint if you don’t have a real gripe. They usually go through an internal investigation so it’s important to give them accurate and detailed information. If you have a complaint, make sure you have the product package available. They will want codes off of it so they can alert their quality control department.

3. Make Your Letter Requesting Coupons Is Memorable!

If you have family members or pets that enjoy the product, including pictures is a great way to get your letter to stand out. Getting personal is always great when writing to companies as they’ll appreciate that you’re not just writing to ask for coupons, but also taking the time out of your day to write a genuine letter to them.

Example Compliment Letters For Coupons and Freebies


I wanted to take the time to write you and let you know how much my family is enjoying your PRODUCT NAME HERE (be specific) . We used to buy a different brand, but once we discovered yours, we’ll never go back to anything else! My daughter especially loves the freshness of the snacks we buy her from your company, and as a mom, I love being able to provide her with convenient snacks on the go that are tasty AND healthy! As a mom, things can get a little tight with our budget, and I was wondering if you had any coupons you could send over to us so we can continue to enjoy your products even on our strict budget this month. My daughter would be ever so grateful!

Again, thanks for providing such a great tasting and healthy snack that I feel confident giving to my kids! I’m sure I speak for many moms when I say it gives us peace of mind to feed our kids your snacks!



P.S. I included a picture of my daughter with her favorite flavor of PRODUCT NAME HERE – hope you enjoy it!

Example Complaint Letters For Coupons And Free Stuff:


I’m writing today to let you know that I received some PRODUCT that wasn’t up to standards as it usually is. I’m a long-term buyer of PRODUCT, but this time, I found a piece of bone in my boneless chicken breast! I’ve never had any issues before, but this was a big concern of mine because I frequently feed this chicken to my kids and I’m worried now about choking hazards! Could you let me know if this was an entire batch that was affected or just a one-off? We absolutely love your chicken around here and it’s a staple in your house, but of course, as a mother, safety is my biggest concern! I’ve included some product info to help you narrow it down, in case other products were affected as well:

Use by date: 4/30/2016
UPC code from packaging: 12345678910

I have included a picture that will hopefully help resolve the problem. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


As you can see, in the complaint letter, it’s still a good idea to be courteous and let the company know if you’re a frequent buyer of their product. This will likely encourage them to send coupons and/or work with you on a refund or discount for next time.

Can I Write To Companies for Coupons on Clothing? How About Toys? Cleaning Products?

You sure can and should! Keep in mind, many of the coupons on clothing brands are re-directed into ‘store’ coupons, so you may want to also write to the store but don’t count out a great free sample opportunity by writing to the creator of your favorite brand!

With a little bit more research write to the creator/ brand/ manufacturer you can follow the same guidelines as above.

  • Search product name
  • Find brand
  • Go to the Contact tab (or customer service)
  • Fill in all the info with as much detail as possible including your ‘note’.

Track Your Progress

By tracking the companies you write to and your results you’ll make it easier to repeat the process again several months later.

Create a written list or a in google sheets or other spreadsheet.

  • Product Name
  • Company
  • Department and/ or contact name if you are able to get a name
  • Contact address (email/mailing or both)
  • Phone # (if available)
  • Date letter or email was sent
  • Response (yes or no)
  • Results (record coupon and value)

By keeping this detail of information you’ll be able to rinse and repeat at a later date. You’ll know what works and just as important, what doesn’t work.

How Do I Write A Letter Requesting Free Products?

Letters asking for free samples or trial subscriptions don’t usually require a lot of effort on behalf of the consumer. All you really need to do is fill out a form explaining that you’ve heard of the product/service and ask for a few minutes of someone’s valuable time. To help speed things along, try putting together a template that includes basic details such as name, address, phone number and email address. 

Next include a personal note saying that you’re interested in trying out a new item or service and provide your contact info again. Finally, follow up your request with a copy of the coupon you hope to receive. Be sure to attach it to your cover letter so that whoever handles your inquiry receives it.

Now comes the tricky part. How do you convince the person responsible for placing promotional items to send you one in return? A simple way to accomplish this is to mention a friend or relative who’d benefit greatly from the product/service and suggest sending one to him/her. 

Of course, you could also try making inquiries directly to the organization behind the campaign. Send an email expressing interest in participating and inquire about any requirements needed to join the program. Once you meet the criteria, you’ll receive your code(s) and instructions on how to redeem them.

As mentioned earlier, though, not every piece of correspondence results in a coupon. 

Sometimes companies prefer to handle distribution internally rather than entrusting it to outside entities. In cases like this, you’ll typically have to wait until after a certain period passes before hearing back from representatives, during which time you’ll continue spreading word of the promotion among friends and colleagues. However, you shouldn’t worry. 

Even if you don’t end up scoring anything, you still helped spread awareness and increased traffic to the site, which ultimately means better profits for business owners. So hang tight, stay positive and eventually you’ll hear back from someone!

How Can I Get Coupons Mailed To Me?

Once you’ve successfully requested a promo code, you’ll likely receive one in the mail within days. Most organizations place their coupons inside pre addressed envelopes personalized to reflect the brand involved. Depending on the nature of the deal, you may receive multiple copies of the same coupon, which makes sense considering that sometimes the same coupon can apply to several different transactions. 

Don’t forget to clip out all of the coupons you receive, whether they’re intended for your own use or shared with family members or co-workers. And whenever possible, stick them onto your calendar or meal planner to avoid forgetting important dates associated with the sale.

Another thing you should consider is timing. When planning meals or errands, pay attention to advertised specials to make sure you grab yours at a convenient moment. While you can certainly shop early to beat the rush, it’s usually best to hold off until later in order to snag the absolute lowest prices available. 

Just imagine how frustrating it would be to arrive home from vacation only to realize you missed the last shipment of discounted gift cards. Coupon fatigue isn’t ideal either. Before purchasing something new, compare prices between competing merchants to determine the cheapest price. Then factor in shipping costs to make sure you’re getting the best value overall.

Finally, don’t hesitate to share your coupons with loved ones. Many sites encourage users to forward their links to friends and relatives, meaning that even if you don’t personally care for a particular product or service, sharing a link with someone else can result in a big payoff.

While coupons definitely represent a great way to save money, they’re unfortunately not the perfect solution for everybody. 

There are times when you may find a lower price elsewhere and feel inclined to skip the hassle of hunting down coupons altogether. Fortunately, you can utilize coupon websites and apps to shave precious seconds off the task of comparing prices. These tools automatically search for matching bargains based on parameters including location, category, date range and quantity. Simply enter your desired terms and voila! Multiple options will pop up on screen, allowing you to sort through the competition and select the best deal.

How Do You Get Companies To Give You Coupons?

Sometimes the hardest part of couponing doesn’t occur during the actual act of finding deals — it happens afterward. Oftentimes, shoppers tend to overlook their unused vouchers and assume that they’re useless. Instead of tossing them aside, however, put them to good use and turn them into cash rebates. 

Rebate processing services charge fees for handling paperwork and claims submissions; taking advantage of freebies allows customers to reduce these expenses. Companies love programs like this because they eliminate the possibility of fraud and guarantee loyal followers eager to spend extra dollars on merchandise.

Take a close look at your receipts throughout the year to identify any unredeemed coupons. 

Chances are pretty high that you haven’t used half of them, especially if you live paycheck to paycheck and can barely afford necessities. Use one of these rebate processors to convert expired coupons into cold, hard cash. 

Alternatively, you can submit them yourself online. 

Keep in mind that some companies reserve the right to decline your claim if your original submission was incomplete or inaccurate. Make sure you double-check all relevant facts and figures before submitting. Remember that you’ll only qualify for tax deductions if you itemize your returns, but the amount saved can vary depending on numerous factors, including income level and average spending habits.

For more tips and tricks on maximizing your savings, check out the other articles on our site. 

Companies You Can Write To For Coupons

This list is sorted by ‘product name’ Before you start all-out mass production of your letter to get free coupons, I’d caution the following.

  • Only send to one manufacturer (many manufacturers make several products) at a time. If you use several proucts, space out your letters a month or more.
  • Don’t write for items you don’t need or are going to use soon. Remember, we said to be sincere and genuine. Companies know when you’re trying to scam them and will block your email in a minute!
  • Coupons expire, don’t go asking for items you know you only use seasonally and have a short shelf life. Save that letter for when it’s closer to the time you would likely want to use it.

Over 300 Companies with Links to Request Coupons

Below you will find the details for over 300 companies that you can contact to ask them for freebies. Getting through the whole list of companies that offer freebies will take a while but we have alphabatized it to make it easier to do it a section at a time.

image of coupon in jeans pocket


A-1 Sauce
A&W Rootbeer
Act II Popcorn
Air Wick
Al Fresco Sausage
Alexia Foods
Alouette Cheese
All Laundry Detergent
Annie’s Homegrown
Apple and Eve
Argo Starch
Arizona Tea
Arm and Hammer
Armor All
Arnold Bread
Arrowhead Mills
Aunt Jemima (re-branded to Pearl Milling Company)
Azteca Foods
letter to get free coupons  could save on : image is pancakes with syrup, yum


Product/ Company
Bakers Chocolate
Bakers Joy
Bagel Bites
product discontinued.
Barbara’s Bakery
Barber Foods
Barnum’s Animal Crackers
Barilla Pasta
Bayer One A Day
Bays English Muffins
Bear Naked
Beechnut Babyfood
Ben and Jerry’s
Bernstein’s Italian Dressing
Better ‘N Eggs – product no longer availabe.
Betty Crocker
Bio Naturae
Birds Eye
Blue Bunny
Blue Diamond Almonds
Boars Head
Bob’s Red Mill
Boogie Wipes
Boston Market
Boom Chicka Pop
product unavailable
Brown Cow Farms
Brummel and Brown
Bubba Burger
Bumble Bee Tuna
Bush’s Baked Beans
teddy bear with bandages


Product/ Company
Cabot Cheese
Camino Real Foods
Cape Cod
Capri Sun
Celeste Pizza
Celestial Seasonings
Chef Boyardee
Cherry Brook
Chicken of the Sea
Coffee Mate
Cole’s Garlic Bread
Complete Contact Solution
Cook’s Ham
Cooked Perfect
Country Choice Organics
Country Crock
send letter to get free coupons while on swing

D, E

Product/ Company
Dannon Danimals
Degree Deodorant
Del Monte Vegetables
Dial Soap
Dockside Classics
Domino Sugar
Duncan Hines
Earthbound Farms
Earth’s Best
Eden Foods
Edwards Pie
Edy’s Ice Cream
Eggland’s Best
El Monterey
_letter to get free coupons image of word tasty spelled with crackers

F. G

Product/ Company
Farm Rich
Fiber One
Fisher Boy
Fleishmann’s Yeast
Flintstone Vitamins
Florida Natural
Foster Farms
Fresh Express
Fresh Step Cat Litter
Garden of Eatin’
General Mills
Gillette Venus
Glory Foods
Gold Circle Farms
_letter to get free coupons

H, I, J

Product/ Company
Hatsfield Meats
Harry’s Fresh
Health Valley
Healthy Choice
Hebrew National
Heinz Gravy
Hefty Trash Bags
Heluva Good
Hill’s Science Diet
Hillshire Farm
Hodgson Mills
Honey Suckle White
Horizon Organic
Hot Pocket
Hungry Jack
Hungry Man
IBC Rootbeer
Immaculate Baking Company
Izze Sodas
JASON Products
Jennie-O Turkey
J&J Snack Foods
Jet Puffed Marshmallows
Jimmy Dean
Johnson’s Baby
Johnson & Johnson
John Morrell
Jolly Time Popcorn
Jose Ole
Juicy Juice
compose letter to get free coupons while commuting to work on train

K, L

Product/ Company
Karo Syrup
Kettle Chips
King Arthur Flour
Kingsford Charcoal
Kiss My Face
Knudsen Juices
Kozy Shack
Lakeview Farms
Lance Snacks
Laughing Cow Cheese
Lean Cuisine
Light Life
Lindsay Olives
Louis Kemp
Lucky Leaf
Luigi’s Ice
Luna Bar
Lundberg Family Farms


Product/ Company
Mahatma Rice
Mama Mary’s
Mama Rosie’s Pasta
Marie Callender’s
Mario Olives
Mars Ice Cream
McCain Fries
Melitta Coffee
Michael Angelos
Minute Rice
Miracle Whip
Mission Foods
Molly McButter
Morningstar Farms
Mrs. Pauls
Mrs T Pierogies
Mrs Richardsons
Mrs Smith’s
Mt Olive Pickles
Muir Glen

N, O

Product/ Company
Naked Juice
Nathan’s Hotdogs
Natural Value
Nestle Candy
New York Garlic Bread
Newman’s Own
9 Lives
Northland Juice
Ocean Spray
Old El Paso
Old Orchard
Ore Ida
Ortega Mexican Foods
Orville Redenbacher
Oscar Mayer
Oxy Clean


Product/ Company
Pace Salsa
Pearl Milling Company (previously Aunt Jemima)
Pepperidge Farm
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish
Peter Pan Peanut Butter
Pirate Booty
Planters Peanuts
Popcorn Indiana
Pop Tarts
Post Its

Q, R

Product/ Company
Quilted Northern
Rachel Ray Nutrish
Red Gold
Red Rose Tea
Red Vines
Rice Dream
Rice Expressions
Reynolds Wrap
Rudi’s Organic Bakery
Rumba Juice
Russell Stovers


Product/ Company
Sally Hansen
Sandridge Foods
Sans Sucre
Sargento Cheese
Scotch Brite
Scrubbing Bubbles
Sea Cuisine
Silk Soy Milk
Simply Asia
Skinny Cow
Smart Balance
Smartfood Popcorn
Smart Ones
Sobe Water
Springer Mountain Farms
Sobe Life Water
Stacy’s Pita Chips
Stagg Chili
State Fair Corn Dogs
Stonyfield Farms
Starbucks Ice Cream
Stretch Island Fruit
Success Rice
Sun Maid
Sweet Baby Rays
Sweet ‘N Low
Swiss Miss

T – Z

Product/ Company
Tai Pei
Terra Chips
Thomas English Muffins
Tidy Cats
Tillamook Cheese
Toms of Maine
Totino’s Pizza Rolls
Tribe Hummus
Turkey Hill
Turtle Mountain
Uncle Ben’s
V8 Juice
Van De Kamps
Van’s Natural Foods
Vlasic Products
Walden Farms
Weight Watcher Products


Have you ever heard of an ambassador program? An ambassador program helps build brand awareness, bring up new points of existing products and keep these products/brands front and center when people like you and I are considering what brand to purchase.

If you’re a blogger, have a large social media following you could be just what they’re looking for. You could earn free products plus expenses all the way up to thousands of dollars for being in some programs. Keep your eyes open for these on the brand/ product pages. Like finding a contact page, you would find a page for Ambassadors or send them a note asking if they have a program like this.

Similar to ambassador programs are influencer programs where you would enter into an agreement with a third party and promote products and/ or services that reach consumers where they hang out. Sivan Social offers a great influencer program, definitely worth checking out.

There are always ways to get complimentary products or samples and accomplish your goals along with writing a letter to get free coupons.

What started as a letter to get free coupons could turn into a long-term relationship with both yourself and the brand reaping the benefits.


People are writing to companies for high-value coupons, full-value coupons every day. You really never know what you can have if you don’t try.

Try sending out one letter to get free coupons daily with your morning routine (aka coffee!), an email is free and a quick note will be second nature in no time. Remember to use our ideas for inspiration or even copy and edit the note.

Companies value your feedback as long as it’s honest and detailed. A great company wants to know their customers, what their likes and even dislikes are. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words.

When a company (brand) hears from customers they want to know things like what brought them to the product, what they valued the most. This helps the brand improve and increase what works, resulting in better sales on their part. So, thanking you for the valuable information you provide isn’t at all inappropriate.

Are you excited to start your first letter to get free coupons and other free stuff, possibly find an opportunity as a brand ambassador or influencer is in your future now too. You never know what life has around the corner for you if you only try.

Writing to companies for coupons & example letters - this is a great way to score some extra coupons for saving money while shopping!

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