10 Things To Do With Extra Shaving Cream

shaving cream

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So you’ve stocked up on all that free shaving cream, taken advantage of some great deals, but now you’re stuck with tons of it. Now what?

Have no fear, we have some great ways to put all that free shaving cream to use other than just shaving. Looking for some creative ways to use it up? Keep reading!

shaving cream

What To Do With All That Free Shaving Cream

1. Clean up your chrome!

Cleaning chrome is super easy to do with shaving cream. Simply slather it on and wipe away. It’s a fantastic cleaning agent for chrome.

free shaving cream

2. Remove wine stains.

Wine stains are pretty tough to get out. Fortunately, you can put some of that free shaving cream to use and clean those stains out. This method works best with stains that have already dried, so keep that in mind. You’ll want to spray the foam on the stain and rub it in before tossing in the wash.

shaving cream for wine stain

3. Bath tub “paint” for the kids!

This is such a fun way to use all that free shaving cream! You can add various drops of food coloring (or tempera paint if you’re concerned about using food coloring) to the shaving cream and let the kids go to town in the bath tub!

shaving cream bath paint

4. Easter egg dying.

If you’re looking for a fun, creative way to dye your eggs this spring, consider using some of that free shaving cream. You can mix it with the food coloring to make a marbled effect on your eggs.

free shaving cream

5. Sensory “cupcakes” activity!

Grab a few reusable cupcake liners or similarly shaped containers and fill them with water beads and shaving cream. This is a great imaginative activity and puts that free shaving cream to use!

6. Letter practice!

Are your kids learning letters right now? Consider having them practice in shaving cream! It’s easy to “erase” and start over and can provide lots of time to practice and have fun. This is a wonderful way to make learning fun!

7. Treasure hunts!

Fill a large container with some of that awesome free shaving cream and hide little treasures in it! The kids will have a blast exploring through the shaving cream searching for treasure and you get to use some of that stockpile. It’s a win-win!

8. Repair squeaky doors.

If you have some hinges that have been driving you wild with squeaking, put a dollop of shaving cream on them and wipe away. This can help reduce the squeakiness or get rid of it entirely.

9. Shaving cream balloons.

Want to avoid wasting water but still have a balloon fight this summer? Fill your balloons with some of that free shaving cream instead! It’s a little messier and you’ll still need water to clean up afterwards, but it’s a blast for kids.

10. Camping cleaner!

When you’re camping, you might not always have access to a water source to wash your hands after a long day roughing it. Simply “clean” your hands with shaving cream and then wipe dry with a towel. This will help you conserve water and clean things in a pinch when you don’t have any!

What other ways do you make use of your free shaving cream? Share in the comments below!

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