5 Important Tips When Starting A Craft Business

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Have you ever thought about turning your hobby into a business? Lots of people are taking their passions in crafting and turning them into very successful businesses, allowing them to have more wiggle room in their budget all year long! If you’re thinking about starting a craft business, read this guide on how to start your very own craft business!

Beginner's Guide To Starting A Craft Business - tips and tricks for running a craft business to make extra money!

1. Decide on your product

Maybe you have a few different crafts that you really enjoy and you want to expand on all of them in your craft business. Whether you have one or ten products, narrow it down to what you want to consistently make and sell and make sure it’s something you will enjoy and not get burnt out on!

Mapping this out as part of your business plan for starting a craft business is a great idea so you have a clear goal and direction in mind.

2. Decide where you want to sell

Mapping out this part of your business is crucial when you are starting a craft business. You’ll want to decide whether someplace like Etsy is right for your business where handmade items sell really well or if you’d rather frequent craft fairs and do in-person business only. This determines your marketing strategy as well.

If you decide to stick local, keep in mind that word of mouth can be your best form of advertisement. If you decide to sell online, be aware of SEO (search engine optimization) and how to properly list and sell your items.

3. Distinguish your prices

Are you planning to make your product easily accessible but still make a small profit, or do you want to see large margins on your product? This is something that every business has to decide but it can sometimes be tough to do when you’re starting a craft business.

Don’t be afraid to set high prices and really value your work. Underselling yourself is never worth it, and the time and love that you put into your crafts is worth a lot!

4. Set office hours

When you are starting a craft business, you can easily fall into a routine of pouring all your time into the business. It’s important to balance work-home life, so set some office hours for yourself! Even if you’re working for home, it’s a great idea to set hours and stick to them.

This way, you don’t get overwhelmed and burnt out. Use this time to fill orders, work on social media outlets if you use them, respond to customers, and anything relating to the business.

5. Ready, set, go

After all of these things have been decided and mapped out for your crafting business, go ahead and take the leap! Open your business, work it the best you can, and hopefully you see a great return on your hard work! Remember, starting a business is never easy and it takes elbow grease and hard work in the beginning. The time you put in from day one will pay off!

Have you ever thought about starting a craft business? What kind of crafts would you make/sell?

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