3 Unique Job Ideas For Teens (That Aren’t Fast Food)

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It is an important part of a teenagers life to have a job and during school, whether it’s part-time or full-time depending on how much they can handle. It teaches them many things they need to know to be ready for the real world.

The only problem is that most of them are getting a job at a local restaurant doing dishes or working at a fast food joint and not feeling fulfilled enough to want to challenge themselves (bored teenage syndrome!) , they don’t realize there are a lot more options out there.

Jobs that involve interests your teen has, they don’t have to have a job that they are going to dread going to every day. So here are a few of the best job ideas for teens, options using skills they don’t even realize are marketable and have earning potential.

teen job ideas

1. Photograph and Document Archiving

A lot of people need their photos and documents scanned and archived, but many people don’t have the time on their hands to tackle such a time-consuming task such as this. Your teen can start networking with your friends, their friend’s parents, etc. and start offering scanning, storage, and archival services.

It is actually quite an easy thing to do, especially in the age of technology.

For the documents, all that is needed to archive them is to scan them and put them on Google Docs. As for photos they can be scanned and stored on Google Drive, DVDs, or a hard drive. All your teen needs to do is set a price per document/photo based on the time it will take to complete the tasks they can even charge per photo and document.

Something like $0.35 per document and $0.25 per photo. This work can be a little tedious because you have to make sure the photos and documents are handled with care.

2. Tutor

Most parents will pay pretty good money to have their kids tutored and this is great for your teen especially if they excel in a certain area like math or reading. It can be anything from tutoring an elementary student in any of the areas they need help or they could tutor a fellow classmate.

Believe it or not tutoring is a pretty big request right now.

There are large companies that offer to tutor, but your teen can offer their services as a tutor for less money than them and because they have some more personal experience they are sure to get some business. With tutoring, they can expect to earn at least as much if not more than babysitters.

They can also set their own schedule with clients. Of course, it does take someone who has an interest in helping others but a job that earns good money and allows for setting your own hours is a pretty big win for a teenager.

3. Arts and Crafts Creations and Sales

This is a great job idea for teens that have artistic skills or just have a knack for art. During the holidays, summer art festivals and arts and crafts fairs are a great opportunity for your teen to sell their creations. Whether it’s paintings, clothes, jewelry, etc. shoppers will line up whether it is to buy last-minute gifts or they fall in love with what your teen has made.

Rental costs for booths and tables vary, but they could partner up with a friend or someone they know who also has items they want to sell, it won’t cost so much because they can help each other out by splitting the cost of the rental. Sales can be scarce and it won’t really become a steady income when it comes to selling at fairs and festivals, they are just a good way to get their name out there.

Another option for them is to set up a shop online to sell their creations with using Etsy or eBay or even creating their own website.

Consider helping setting up a Facebook Group or Page to help your teen ‘brand’ their services, sell their products.  Facebook groups teach great customer service skills and social media management skills as well!  Just a couple more skills they can use to earn!

Final Thoughts

Teenagers these days don’t really feel like they have many options for jobs except for the usual cashier or waiter and while those are extremely important jobs, they are often filled by returning students and adults. I think it is important for teens to get a part-time or even full-time job doing something that they have an interest in which will teach them important things for their future and whatever business they want to pursue.

These are just a few of the best job ideas for teens to help them get a job and most importantly on a possible track for the future. Do you have any job ideas for teens that aren’t on this list? Share in the comments!

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